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How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy?

by Bharti
how to have a healthy pregnancy

To have a healthy pregnancy surely you want to plan everything well in advance. Right from quitting all bad habits toll including the good ones, there are so many things that you have to take good care of. But surely some so many people might come to you talking about the pregnancy and the tips and advice that may scare you. But first thing first! Even when you get a thought of pregnancy, you must speak with your partner and then with your doctor so that all things can be well planned and you don’t have to be worried. Here are some of the essential tips that can help you.

how to have a healthy pregnancy

The given below tips are surely going to help you with your pregnancy. But along with this, let your mental peace and satisfaction be always there. It is important to stay healthy and happy mentally too otherwise it may cause a serious negative impact on the baby. Give yourself some time to understand how complex things can be and know if you are ready to go with the same. Things can change after you become a mother and  that is why it is always better to take precautions.

This article is going to cover the following objects:

  •         Have a balanced diet
  •         Exercise
  •         Take a supplement
  •         Educate yourself
  •         Cut out alcohol

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Quick Tips To Have A Healthy Pregnancy:

  • Have A Balanced Diet:

This should be the primary thing that you must focus on. It means you must have at least five portions of a healthy meal plan. Remember, it won’t be just you but also the other living person inside you that needs regular nourishment for healthy and safe delivery. Besides your body needs also to get well prepared for the labor and that is why energy is needed and for this fresh and dried food and juice are extremely important.

balanced diet

You can have starchy food like rice but to extremely less amount then you can also plan for the whole grain varieties along with good fiber too

You can include the daily servings of protein like lean meat and fish as well along with good dairy foods like cheese and yogurt.

  • Exercise

To have a regular workout is also important as staying active is a good sign. A healthy exercise, especially the pelvic exercise can help to control stress and even your weight and thus the circulation in the body of the blood gets improved while you get better sleep and a good boosted mood. You can have at least 20 minutes of walk every day or even look for some shaded indoor place to have some meditation or yoga. Other than this, activities like swimming, yoga, and Pilates are also great but it is important to plan such an exercise program by consulting your doctor for the same. However, whatever the doctor advises, make sure you have an exercise of at least 30 minutes.

exercise during pregnancy

  • Take A Supplement

The supplements of folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids with some essential vitamins and minerals should be starts well in advance. These are healthy for the baby if taken at the initial level of months as the baby during pregnancy requires double the amount of vitamins and minerals that can help in building the immunity system. Vitamin D supplements will be also advised by the doctor. Make sure for this as well you speak with the doctor and take at least 5mg per day dose of folic acid for better results. If fish is on your diet plan then you may not need the omega 3 fatty acids supplements. But if not then you should speak to the doctor for the same and she may advise you about it for the baby’s nourishment.

take a supplement

  • Educate Yourself

Read a lot so books, go for some parenting tips and advice and the way you must cherish and nourish yourself. It is your baby and you have to do all the best possible things that are good for the kid and yourself to avoid anything complex in the future. Be it the childbirth defects or the lack of infant care, you surely don’t want things to be happening with your baby and that is why you must educate yourself on what things you should be doing and what to avoid. Of course, your health care expert will be there with you at every step. But it is important that you also gain some knowledge about parenting and how all these things work to avoid anything bad to happen in the future.

educate yourself

  • Cut Out Alcohol

If you have been smoking and drinking quite a lot latterly then while planning for pregnancy you have to cut down this completely till the time your baby doesn’t depend on you for the breastfeeding. You need to understand that alcohol can reach the bloodstream of the baby and it shall have a lot of problems in the placenta which might not be good news for you to hear. Be it beer or wine, nothing is good for the baby. In the first trimester, to drink alcohol increases the chances of miscarriage and if the pregnancy is in the third trimester, it may hamper the brain development of the baby. So strictly say NO NO to alcohol and smoking if you want to have a healthy pregnancy.

avoid alcohol during pregnancy

Other than this, smoking may cause premature delivery, stillbirth and even sudden death issue and this surely can be distributed for you at a mental level as well.

Other than this cut down to caffeine, give yourself a lot of rest, do some healthy stretching, speak with mommy’s who always have gone through this amazing phase and off all take very good care of yourself and the baby. After all, this living being entirely depends on what you eat, how you stay, what routine you follow. So make the best out of it and ensure that you avoid all those risky things that may hamper your baby. You can do some basic household chores but not the risky ones. You can go on a walk but jogging should be avoided. You can eat healthy food but an excess of anything that needs to be avoided. These things may seem quite small but for your little fellow, they are extremely important.

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