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Healthy Foods For A Wealthy Mood

by Madhushree Ghosh

Does eating healthy foods can improve mood?

 How healthy diets affect our mood?
 What foods are good for our mood?
 What foods are bad for our mood?
 Smart eating order to stay with a wealthy mood:

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Eating healthy is not only essential for our overall health but also our mental happiness and mood as well. It is theoretically proven that eating tasty and healthy food can keep our mood delighted naturally. That’s why we often heard the phrase ‘healthy food for a wealthy mood’.

Now the point is that how healthy foods can enhance our mood and make our frame of mind happy innately. Here we come up with a few specific indications in this regard, which will help you to find out how and why healthy foods work in the improvement of our mood naturally. Let’s validate them below-


Does Eating Healthy Foods can Improve Mood?

It is cynically proven that following a balanced diet plan can optimistically promote our overall mood. New age nutritionists thus always prefer to eat healthy foods to stay in a happy mood eternally. According to the analysis, when we eat healthy foods, they take less time to digest and provide fewer digestion issues in our stomach.

This quality works for the betterment of our overall mood noticeably. It is also claimed by the health experts that, well-digestion process lead by some healthy foods also works for the improvement of our energy level positively and thus act to beneficially in the improvement of our overall health efficiently.

How Healthy Diets Affect our Mood?

If you ever wonder how a healthy diet plan can affect our mood, then you must know the list of health benefits one can get from a vigorous eating order. When we eat healthily, it-

 Keep our digestion process smooth
 Bowel movement uninterrupted
 Reduce the possibilities of normal chronic diseases
 Keep the probabilities of diabetes and high BP at bay
 Induce our sleep and make the resting period more relaxing
 Influence our appetite and mood
 And above all, some foods have powerful mood modifying chemicals that are skilled in enhancing your moods naturally.

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It is proven that certain foods contain some mood-enhancing brain chemicals in themselves. Neurotransmitters, serotonin, etc. are some of the preferable chemicals in this regard, which can get from a balanced healthy meal and work for the improvement of your mood optimistically.


You just need to figure those foods out and include them in your regular diet to get the benefit of a wealthy or delighted mood naturally with a happy stomach.

What Foods are Good for Our Mood?

The list is quite long when it comes to the matter of mood-enhancing food, but it gets get smaller itself when we look out for the stomach-friendly foods with mood-enhancing qualities. However, fortunately, we have some particular foods in this list which work extremely favorable in the way of enhancing your mood naturally, and they are as follows-

 Fatty fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, albacore tuna,
sardines, herring, etc.
 Dark chocolate
 Fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.
 Berry fruits
 Banana
 Oats
 Nuts like almonds, cashew, pistachio, peanut, walnut, brazil nuts, pine nuts, etc.
 Seeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, etc.
 Beans like black beans, lima beans, kidney beans, etc. and lentils
 Carrots
 And coffee

What Foods are Bad for Our Mood?

According to recent studies, the possibilities of depression could increase itself with the bad choice of food. Depending on the research reports on foods, the lowest quality diet can initiate more than 80% probabilities of a bad mood in your mind in the name of attention-deficit disorder.

This type of diet plan includes several unhealthy foods which are skilled in commencing bad mood in a person. You need to stay away from the grasp of these particular foods to stay safe from the touch on a bad mood due to an unhealthy diet plan. Some of these must-avoidable foods in this regard are as follows-

 Soda and carbonated drinks
 High sugar fructose and cocktail mixers
 Bagels
 White rice

 Agave nectar
 Cold cuts of meat
 Vegetable shortening
 Packaged foods
 Processed seeds
 Salted or packaged nuts
 Baked goods
 French fries
 Margarine
 Canned foods
 Processed foods
 Sugary cereals
 Extra caffeine products
 Dried fruits
 Alcohol
 Potato chips
 And wheat products.

Smart Eating Order to Stay with a Wealthy Mood:

Besides including mood-enhancing foods and eliminating unhealthy eating order, you must follow a few smart rules to stay with a wealthy mood eternally, and they are like-

 Increase the intake of mood-enhancing foods in your regular diet
 Cut out caffeine products
 Reduce alcohol consumption as much as you can
 Drink more water
 Apply a process to cleanse your gut and liver naturally
 Practice some workouts or exercise daily
 Go for a mediation session at least one time a day
 Increase the vitamin DC level in your regular foods attentively
 Stay away from the grasp of social media
 Never skip your meals in the name of harsh dieting
 Include a small amount of protein in your each meal
 Include high-fiber vegetables in your regular diet plan
 Go with the high-fiber fruits also daily
 Attempt to eat foods loaded with essential fatty acids
 Reduce the intake of sugar and avoid added sugar products immediately
 Avoid foods and dishes which are high in taste but poor in nutrition value
 Replace normal foods with mood-booting foods in your regular diet meal
 Say yes to foods which can control your appetite perfectly

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 And eat at the right time every day to keep the consistency of the wealthy mood
always in check.