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A Healthy Food Timetable For A Vigorous Life

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is a food timetable
  • Why should we eat at a regular time
  • Can food timetable help in fighting diseases
  • How to prepare a healthy eating schedule
  • A healthy food timetable for a vigorous life

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You should eat healthily to live healthily and healthy life always circulates a perfect eating schedule including some healthy food substances. Unless you learn to eat on time, you will never get the true benefits of healthy foods.

Thus, nutritionists always prescribe to eat to follow a perfect eating schedule. So today, we emerge with a perfect food timetable in this regard along with its undeniable benefits to our good health and some essential needs in our lives. Let’s explore them quickly in our below discussion-

What is Food-Timetable?

A timetable is usually a schedule listing with events and times when they will take place. A food timetable indicates when to eat and what to eat with an exact time schedule. Hence, it will direct you when to take your breakfast, lunch dinner, tiffin, etc. along with a precise menu or food substances.

Why should We Eat at a Regular Time?

Many people claim that their tight work schedule doesn’t allow them to at the time. sometimes they don’t even try to understand the needs of eating at a regular time. So, before finalizing your food timetable, you must know the requirements of an ideal food timetable in the process of keeping you healthy.

According to the health experts, a human body needs proper nutrients to get energy performing their daily deeds. Regular meal ensures that our body gets that energy adequately and we can get the best outcome of our meal when it is consumed in time.

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The exact timing of eating not only helps us to drag the nutrient values from foods to the utmost but also, aids us in the digestion process expertly. Foods usually work as fuel in the human body and the right timing in refueling is always necessary for an uninterrupted working agenda as we all know.

Can Food Timetable Help in Fighting Diseases?

It is proven in several research studies that eating in time can help you combating plenty of diseases efficiently. When we take our regular food at a time, it refills the nutrient requirements of the body in time and fortifies our immune power naturally. A prepared immune system always better at fighting the germs of diseases and thus food timetable helps us in combating numbers of chronic diseases naturally. 

How to Prepare a Healthy Eating Schedule?

To prepare a perfect food timetable you need to know a few simple things about the digestion process of the human body. This will help you to make the timetable more accurate with the right timing. These rules are-

  • The digestion process starts properly within sometimes of waking up, so, try to eat something within 30 minutes after getting out of your bed
  • Never skip the main meals of a day at any circumstances. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are 3 main meals of a day
  • Try to include an adequate amount of protein and fiber in your breakfast meal
  • Don’t late for your main meals for more than 1 hour at any situation
  • Keep your dinner meal as much subtle as you can
  • And drink water before or after completing your main meals instead of in-between your bites

Once you are familiar with the rules of healthy eating, it will be easy for you to make a perfect food timetable for a healthy lifestyle. To do so, you need to act this way-

  • Prepare a list of your eating schedule in a clipboard with proper timing
  • Now hang it at a place of your room where you can easily notice it every day
  • Keep your eating schedule flexible and note down easy alternatives with them
  • Make sure you put the right food with the right timing in your schedule
  • Keep high-fiber, high-protein foods in the first part of the day
  • Fatty foods are best to keep at the midday or lunchtime, while high-minerals but fewer calorie foods are best for night
  • Put the timing of water also in that food timetable as water plays an important role in the digestion of consumed food
  • And try to follow your food timetable accurately to reach your health goal successfully

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A Healthy Food Timetable for a Vigorous Life:

Now, after analyzing all the beneficial sides of making and following a perfect food-timetable, let check out, how an ideal food timetable looks like; so, here we come with a precise food time table for you in this regard-


  • Try to take your breakfast within 8-9 with a high-fiber meal accompanied by some protein-packed items
  • You can eat some simple snacks or biscuits or soaked nuts as your day-starter at least half an hour before the breakfast
  • Never delay your breakfast after 10 and try not to skip this first meal of the day at any cost

Midday Delighter:

  • After completing your breakfast take a break of 1 hour more than that before going for your next snacks
  • Have some fruity snacks in between 11 am -12 pm to boost your hunger healthily
  • Mineral-rich fruits are the best pick for these purposes than high-sugary fruits


  • Try to start your lunch between 12.30 pm to 12.45 pm and complete it within 1.30 pm
  • Never delay taking your lunch more than 4 pm at any circumstances
  • Keep your lunch plate well-coordinated with the proper amount of vegetables, grains, lentils, meat, and curd
  • Adjust the proportion of foods depending on your diet schedule, as normal diet allows more veggies and grains
  • On the other hand, gym-freak people should focus on the portion of animal protein and plant protein more deeply

Evening Snacks:

  • Take your evening snacks after 2-3 hours of completing your lunch
  • 5 pm is the right time for taking an evening snack for the best nutritious outcome
  • Mixed trail, dried fruits, baked vegetable hummus, roasted seeds, would be some wonderful choices in this regard
  • Try to merge your evening snack with a cup of healthy drinks like green tea, black coffee, etc.


  • According to the health experts, the ideal time for dinner starts from 7 pm and last till 8 pm
  • Some people couldn’t follow this timing and even complain that this timing makes them hungry at midnight
  • So, try to complete your meal at least before 9 pm for the best result
  • Never delay your dinner meal after 10 pm, as it can hamper both your digesting process and your quality sleeping at once

After Dinner Drink:

If you can complete your dinner meal before 8 pm then go for a cup of a glass of healthy drink to finish your day in the most vigorous way. A cup of hot chocolate, a glass of low-fat milk, a glass of cherry juice or a cup of herbal tea would make a wonderful choice in this attempt.