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Healthy Eating Guidelines to Live a Vigorous Life

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What are healthy eating rules
  • What are the benefits of following healthy eating rules
  • Best rules for healthy eating in order
  • Do’s and Don’ts for eating right

Eating healthy foods is not enough to keep you fit unless you eat them in order with proper eating rules. People often complain that they couldn’t get the expectant result of their diet chat properly. One thing they must overlook here and that is their eating order. According to the nutritionists you have to realize that healthy eating habits can bring you more benefits of healthy food and help you in managing chronic diseases expertly.

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So, to live a healthy problem-free life you must recognize the true rules of eating healthily. Here we emerge with some of the most important guidelines in this regard to conduct you how to live a vigorous life by following some eating rules in your daily life. Let’s check them out and be an expert of eating rule with just a few simple changes in your eating order accordingly-

What are Healthy Eating Rules?

Before started following these rules, you must know what their rules are all about and why should we follow them in our regular life, right? Healthy eating rules are something that instructs us about how to eat with proper order and healthy habits.


These rules teach us what food should we eat after which type of food, what is the right time for eating certain foods, what is the bad time for a few types of food, what foods are avoidable in which condition, what foods are preferable in general, etc. In short, you will know every related side of eating with perfect guidelines.

What are The Benefits of Following Healthy Eating Rules?

The advantages of following healthy eating habits are countless but some of the most recognizable benefits are like-

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  • They aid you to make the right food choice
  • Teach you to avoid unhealthy foods
  • Guide you include healthy foods in your diet plan instead of unhealthy ones
  • Teach you to focus on simple things related to foods like checking labels, used ingredients, etc.
  • Make you habituate with own-cooking habits
  • Help you in adjusting healthy eating timing
  • Help you to gain healthy weight and maintain that weight moderately
  • Ensure your nutrient requirement sufficiently
  • Lend a hand in combating chronic diseases
  • And help to maintain overall health uninterruptedly

Best Rules for Healthy Eating in Order:

Now, once you realize the needs of following healthy eating rules properly, you must wonder what these rules are, isn’t it? So, here we go with the most recommendable eating rule to live a healthy life-

  1. Talk to a nutritionist or a doctor first and discuss the detail about the healthiness of eating rules
  2. Try to start a food journal to be more focused and in order with your rules of eating from start to end
  3. Write down your plans there with the perfect timing and make sure you stick to those directions accordingly
  4. Try to find a partner in your deed with any close friend or family member as this will keep you motivated constantly throughout the entire process
  5. Schedule your meal with proper portions and timing like how much food you need to eat in one time and when to eat
  6. Attempt to eat small and frequent meals instead of large and separated meals as t has been observed that people, who eat one or two large meal and fasted for a longer period get more insulin resistance
  7. People with large and separated meals also get increased abdominal fat than the rests
  8. Plan easy-to-prepare meals which give you less digestive issues and lower stomach concerns
  9. Include protein-rich and fiber-rich foods for breakfast menu as they make you fill for an extended period
  10. Swap healthy snacks with unhealthy options like replacing oily fries, cheesy sticks, potato chips, tortillas, etc. with the mixed trails, baked vegetable sticks, sundried fruits, roasted seeds, etc.
  11. Count the calories of your snacks attentively and make sure they never surpass the amount of 150 per day
  12. Count the calories of your main meals as well  and try to consume only that much calorie which is adjustable with your total body weight adequately
  13. Nutritionists also say that try to consume only that much which you can burn with your regular works
  14. Eat slowly to complete your meal always chew each bite properly before swallowing
  15. According to the nutritionists, a plate of the main meal should take 18-20 minutes to be finished healthily
  16. Do  not wait till your heart fills and stop eating when your stomach is filled  as in, try to eat at the final level of satisfaction of your hunger, not your mind
  17. Eat with suitable equipment and always with proper posture like in a plate, with a spoon or well-washed hands, sit in a dining table or food court area, before start eating, etc.
  18. Fill your plate with vegetables and lean protein more than oily or unhealthy alternatives
  19. Replace complex or starchy carbs with wholegrain products to amalgamate with your chosen vegetables and lean protein foods
  20. Drink water before starting your meal or after 5 minutes of finishing your meals instead of in-between your bites
  21. Keep unhealthy food substances out of your reach so, then, you can’t access them anyhow even with your highest urge
  22. Learn to enjoy your Foods no matter how hard it tastes to get the best healthiness of your chosen foods with the proper eating habits
  23. Get help from therapists to control your emotional eating habit which often misguides us from eating healthy habit
  24. Replace unhealthy fats with the healthier one like omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are good choices to include
  25. And try to eat your meals every day on time and give enough time to digest them before going for bed.

Dos and Don’ts for Eating Right:

Now, to be an expert in these rules, you should follow a few dos and don’ts strictly to achieve the best of your initiatives, and they are as follows-

  • Focus on plant-based protein more than animal protein in your meal
  • Say yes to plants, veggies, fruits, etc. more than carbs and fats
  • Replace fried or oily snacks with nuts, seeds, legumes, and lentils
  • Don’t add junk or processed foods in your daily-eating list, no matter how smaller portion it is
  • Switch to sugar-less healthy drinks instead of sugary or carbonated drinks
  • Go for real and whole foods instead of processed and instant ones
  • Allow variety instead of repeated items to avoid monotonousness in your meal
  • Eat fish and animal from organic farms or which have been treated on natural diets only
  • Avoid food substances which come in frozen form or come in can, box, plastic container and go for the fresh items
  • Drink enough water every day as it boosts your digestion process optimistically
  • Avoid foods with added salt and sugar and learn to add them in your food yourself
  • Go for natural sweet options for your desserts like and avoid unhealthy sugary desserts
  • Choose for homemade dishes than eating out with your healthy eating order
  • And know about the proper nutrition value of foods before including them in your eating list to get the best outcome of your attempt.