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Nothing good in being Nocturnal! Know the health risks of working during the night and the precautions

by Healthnews24seven Desk

Nature has designed the human body to work during the daytime and sleep during the night. However, many people, some due to the nature of jobs and others by choice, use to awake late at night and sleep during the daytime. Many times it is essential to do night shifts to maintain the continuity of work. One cannot change inevitable or essential situations, but we should avoid situations in which we willingly choose to work during the night, as it has very adverse effects on our health. Many studies have confirmed that the risk of many diseases in such people is higher than in those who work day shifts. Let’s under the health risks associated with working late at night and what these people should take care of?

Adverse effects of working late at night:

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who work night shifts and long hours may be at risk for a variety of problems. These problems include increased risk of metabolic problems, heart disease, digestive difficulties, obesity, and some types of cancer. Such people often do not get enough sleep, so its side effect can also affect their health.

What these people should do?

  • Get enough sound sleep:

 Due to lack of sleep during the night, the problem of fatigue and irritability increases, it is common for people with night shifts to have such problems. According to health experts, waking up at the night affects the circadian rhythm, which can lead to many behavioral and physical problems. To avoid these problems, you can take a short nap before starting work.

  • Special care for diet:

Research suggests that people who work during the night have a higher risk of metabolic syndrome. Apart from this, the risk of obesity increases by a substantial amount due to poor diet and sleep cycle disturbance. Such people need to put special attention to diet. They must focus more on eating healthy and nutritious things while avoiding junk-processed foods.  The habit of eating at night during work can be harmful.

  • Avoid caffeine and Nicotine:

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 People often consume coffee, tea, or cigarette to stay awake at night. Caffeine and nicotine are found in these substances as a stimulant, which helps to keep the body active. However, too much caffeine can have negative effects on the body in many ways.  Improper use of things that contain caffeine can cause gastrointestinal problems and muscle tremors. Cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t require any special mention to tell that they are very harmful to our body.