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Health Hacks: Easy Quick & Cheap ones for People Above 60

by Bharti
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Growing older is a natural phenomenon. People age with time. Once you have reached sixty, you are already old. Your body undergoes a lot of changes the moment it reaches the sixties. At this age, you are no longer young (except for your heart). This is already proof enough that you need Easy, Quick and Cheap Health Hacks.

Thus, you have to make changes to your eating habits and consume more of a healthy diet. Additionally, it is also important to include a lot of physical activities. Finally, you have to try and maintain a very subtle lifestyle. Most people experience health-related issues by the time they have reached their sixties. Some common health issues may include – diabetes, blood pressure, walking difficulty, cancer or even heart-related issues.

Important Health tips to keep in mind

Healthy tips may not be the same for everyone. A lot depends on your body conditions and your health. Some common healthy tips may include as mentioned below:

  • Always ensure you consume more fiber foods. Your daily diet should include cereals, whole grains, banana, green beans, unsalted nuts and lots of fruits.
  • It is best to give up consuming fried food items. Conversely, you can try and include a lot of boiled foods to stay healthy.
  • It is also good to consume a lot of Vitamin D and calcium. You can include low-fat dairy products, almonds and rice. Furthermore, non-dairy soy products are also good.
  • With age, your body may lose liquid at a much faster rate. Thus, it is important to drink as many liquids as possible. This is important so your bladder functions normally.
  • You can try and include a lot of physical activities unless you have been restricted by your health expert you can try walking, mild jogging or physical games.
  • Socializing is also important to try and get connected to your friend’s groups.
Good Health Hacks

Maintain a healthy body weight

Many people feel that you gain more weight with age. To a certain extent this is true, but gaining excess body weight may not be healthy. Weight gain is more common if you are not much active physically. You are still consuming calories, but your body is not using them at the same rate.

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With time, your body will gain weight which can be unhealthy for you. So, if you are consuming calories, you have to look around for activities that will help burn excess calories. Many conditions may follow weight gain. Some such conditions may include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart-related issues
  • Blood pressure related conditions
  • Obesity
  • Liver issues
  • Kidney malfunction
  • Cancer

These are only a few conditions that can get severe with age.

Maintaining a perfect B.M.I

It is important to calculate the right B.M.I with age. Your body to weight ratio should be perfectly balanced. You can ask your health expert for the best BMI for your body with age. For people above 60, it is best to maintain a B.M.I equivalent to 25 or 27. It should not exceed or fall below this level.

Waist size

Sometimes, you are not overweight but you have an over sized waist. Having excess waist size means that you are only carrying excess body weight. For men, the waist size should not exceed over 40 inches while for women it should be around 35 inches. If your waist size is more, then you need to exercise more.

Avoid being underweight

Many adults still are not aware of the harmful effects of being underweight. Just because you do not have body weight, does not mean you are healthy.

Underweight conditions can lead to weak bone intensity and weakness. It also means your body is not consuming sufficient amounts of calories. Additionally, it may also mean you are malnourished and thus, can develop other illnesses with time.

Best food types to include (in terms of Health)

With age, your body may have different needs. You should be healthier as you get older. The moment you reach 60, your body is already consuming fewer nutrients from the food you are eating. This is why you should only focus on eating the right type of foods.

You can try and include more nutrient-dense foods which are a rich source of proteins, vitamins and other minerals. The calorie count of the body does not change with age.

Healthy Meal

You can consume more vegetables, fruits, lean meat, milk products, nuts, beans, soy and almonds. You can also include a lot of poultry products like eggs and chicken. Try and include all types of foods if you are not allergic to them.

Foods to avoid (in terms of Health)

There are also certain types of foods that you should avoid eating if you are already sixty years old. Less sugary foods are always advisable. Salts and fats should be limited. You also have to consume or avoid full-fat butter and cheese products. Your body may not be able to digest most of the foods.

Controlling eating habits

When you are old, you may tend to eat more. This can badly affect your health. You should avoid eating in a restaurant alone. If you have to eat, always ensure you share the food with others. Restaurants always serve food in greater quantity.

Do not watch TV when eating as you may not monitor what you are eating. You should also try and reduce the speed at which you eat or drink. Regulating your speed will help you consume less food.

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