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Breast Facts: Foods and Exercises to Increase Size

by Puja
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  • Introduction
  • Facts about breasts
  • Best foods to increase breast size
  • Exercises for breasts enhancement
  • Conclusion

Women desire to have the perfect body and for that they want perfectly shaped breasts. Secondly, women of all ages yearn to have bigger breasts as they consider it to be a mark of enhanced beauty, femininity and self-esteem. On an average, the breast size of a woman changes 6 times throughout her life.

It is a fact that women inherit their breast size from someone in the family. Additionally, a lot of it depends on the genetic body weight and lifestyle. Most women are not happy with their breasts and thus, want to increase their size.

In medical terms, a surgery called Breast Augmentation is done to increase the size of the breasts. The surgeon places silicone and saline under the breast tissue to make it look puffed. However, this procedure cannot be recommended because there can be serious complications associated with the procedure. Additionally it comes with a hefty price tag. You will also find massagers and breast creams that claim to enhance the breast size, however, there is no evidence. Thus, if you want to increase your breasts size naturally, you can go for regular exercises, which we are going to discuss about.

Facts about Breasts

When you are on a spree to increase the size of your breasts, the below mentioned facts would be useful for you.

  • The two breasts might appear to be same, however the left breast is always bigger than the right.
  • When you exercise, the breasts move in the pattern of number 8.
  • In the entire lifetime, breast size changes for almost 6 times. These changes are subject to the type of bra worn.
  • The breasts mature after pregnancy and lactation starts.
  • After a woman’s first period, breasts naturally grown for next 4 years.
  • Breast cancer was initially identified by the ancient Egyptians. Around 3500 years ago, it was documented on papyrus. They depicted bubbling tumors on the breasts that cannot be healed.
  • Men can also encounter breast cancer.

Best Foods to Increase Breast Size

Things can change internally for good when you consume the right food. Here are some of the foods that actually help in breasts enhancement.

  1. Milk – Breasts are made of fat and therefore consuming milk or whole milk products can increase the breasts size. The reason behind this is they are rich in fat.
  2. Papaya – Try to intake papaya with milk. It will help to increase the breast size. This food should be avoided if you are pregnant.
  3. Fenugreek Seeds – Fenugreek seeds are vital source of estrogen that stimulates the enhancement of the breasts. You can consume it as per your wish. Additionally you can make a paste of it and mix it with mustard oil to massage your breasts gently.
  4. Fennel Seeds – Add fennel seeds to our everyday diet. The paste of fennel seeds, mixed with olive oil can be a massaged on the breasts.
  5. Flax seeds – You can chew the flax seeds as snack or you can use the flax seed powder to any of your meal.
  6. Nuts – Nuts have monounsaturated fats that are important to build the breast tissues.
  7. Soybean – They are rich in phytoestrogens that are responsible for bigger breasts. It prevents free radicals as well that can cause cancer.

Exercises for Breast Enhancement

Wall press – A popular exercise done for breast enhancement as it’s said to increase the breast size within 10 days. Keeping both the arms at distances, press your palms flat on the surface of the wall. Now, slowly move forward until your head touches the wall. Return to the initial position and repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Perform the exercise at least 10 times a day to see quick and effective results. It also helps to maintain good shape of the breast.

One of the most effective excercises to increase Breast Size

Arm circles – This an easy exercise. All you have to do is extend your arms out to match up the shoulder level. Make small circles slowly from backward to front. After a minute, make the circles from forward to back. Next, pulse your arms up and down for one minute. You can use a small range of motion for this. Repeat the whole set 1-2 times. Take ample of breaks in between to rest your hands.

Chest press – Chest press is another exercise that amazingly helps. To perform the exercise, you would require two dumbbells. Firstly, hold one dumbbell on each hand. Then bring your hands up, and take it to the level of our shoulder. Keep your elbows bent. Secondly, straighten our arms slowly and extend them in from of you. Then, bring your hands back to your shoulders. Repeat for 10 rounds and take a 30 second rest. Keep the movement slow and under control. 3 sets is advisable.

Push-ups – Push-ups are the optimum exercise for your chest, to build strength. Take the plank position with palms and toes on the ground, arms under your shoulders & back straight. Lower your body to gaze the floor and push back. Try to do 3 push-ups at one go. 5 sets of push-ups would be good for a beginner. Always, keep your palms wider than your shoulder.


If you want to take supplements, make sure you consult a doctor before. Along with exercises, the usage of essential oils is highly recommended. You can use lavender oil, tea-tree oil and olive oil to massage our breasts at least 10 times a day. Additionally, these oils will diminish the risk factor of cancer and allergies.

Thus, increasing the breast size is the best way to boost up the self-confidence and keep you relaxed. Make sure you take proper food and exercise regularly. Breasts serve an important purpose in the every woman’s life. Firstly, they provide nutritious milk to the newborns and secondly, they also help a woman to feel confident in the society. Thus, if you are looking to enhance your breasts, naturally then perform all the exercises regularly with a miss.