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Fitness Resolutions: 4 Tips to include for Healthy Lifestyle

by Puja
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  • Introduction
  • Eating Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Build Up Endurance
  • Keep the Nutritional Levels Optimum
  • Proper Water Intake and Good Sleep in the Healthy Lifestyle
  • Conclusion

Fitness is an essential part of a Healthy Lifestyle and it should be taken seriously all the time. Many people think of fitness resolutions in the starting of a new year but cannot stick to them for long. They expect quick results and thus go to the extreme level to achieve it. Gradually, when it becomes too taxing for them, they lack interest and lose faith. Unfortunately, this is not how your Fitness Resolutions will be fulfilled.

The two keys of fitness are Consistency and Patience. No matter whatever your fitness goal is, make sure you begin by taking small steps. Firstly, you have to start out at a slow place as it’s proven to be an effective method. Just making fitness resolutions and not working upon it would not help. Instead, you need to set a fitness goal and do whatever is possible to get to the goal.If you have lead an unhealthy lifestyle until your previous year, take a fitness oath this year. Take the fitness goals seriously and follow a fitness regime.

When you are fit and healthy, you are able to create a stronger immune system and are less prone to any kinds of diseases. There are various positive effects of staying fit and you should start your healthy regime right away.

These are the 4 basic tips that will help you to get started with a healthy lifestyle: –

Eating Habits as Fitness Resolutions

You should always focus on your eating habits. This includes checking what you eat and at what time you eat. No matter how much you crave for candy and sweets, stay away from them. Fruits and vegetables are some of the food items that will help you to get in shape. Apples are a good for stomach and it can keep you full for few hours.

Green vegetables like Broccoli and Green Beans keep the digestive system clean. It would good to consume lean meats like Chicken and Turkey. Seafood like Tilapia and Shrimp also serve as good options. They are full of protein and have healthy nutrients to prepare your muscles for regular workouts.

You should always portion what you eat. Proper portioning of the meals would lead to great metabolism rate. Intake smaller portions of meal and eat six times a day. This will help you to breathe smoothly as you involve yourself in strenuous workout sessions. When there is less food to digest, you get more energy to exercise.

Build Up Endurance

Dealing with fitness resolutions can be tough. Many “inactive” people have to push themselves to work out every day. If you are one of them, you should be careful while doing the exercises.

You might not be accustomed to the workout and it can lead to injury and lack of strength. Just remember that you need to become a master over a period of time. Take smaller steps to train your body and reach your fitness goals with time. It is important to build your stamina and endurance slowly.

Some of the effective ways to increase endurance are brisk walking, dancing, jogging, cardio workout and strength training with weights. All of these increases the heart rate and helps to build endurance slowly. Make sure you maintain regularity with the workouts i.e. never miss the exercises. Even if busy, perform some workouts for at least half an hour everyday. You can do the exercises in any time of the day. You may even hit the gym during the evenings. To support your workout, take well-balanced meals that are rich in protein.

Keep the Nutritional Levels Optimum

Apart from the workouts and eating habits, ensure that you have good nutritional levels. It is a key factor for maintaining long-term health.

Having low nutritional levels and lack of immunity can adversely affect your entire system. Even if you have not yet started with your workout regime, it is crucial to have strong immunity. That is only possible with sufficient nutritional intake. Indeed, with a good immune system, you would be able to fight against the unnecessary diseases.

Sometimes with the regular food items, you are not able to achieve the required amount of nutrition. Therefore, you should try to get an idea about the nutritional values of all the food you consume. You should consume natural and certified protein that would provide nourishment to your body. Indeed, Proteins help to build antibodies and are essential for immune response.

Proper Water Intake and Good Sleep as Fitness Resolutions

The human body is made up of 70% water. Therefore, consumption of water and liquids are important as it will keep you thoroughly hydrated and fit. Drinking sufficient amount of water has a positive impact on your hair and skin.

Water should be part of your Fitness Resolutions in order to lead a Healthy Lifestyle

A well-hydrated body is capable of performing workouts for efficiently. Apart from water, you can also consume protein shakes, vegetable juices and fruit juices. All of them would keep you healthy from the inside out. Too much work without proper rest can make you unproductive, as it affects your overall health. Thus, you need a good sleep of at least 7-8 hours per day. It will allow your mind and body to function smoothly. Additionally, sleep reboots the system and helps an individual to start with a fresh mind. To achieve our fitness goal and lead a healthy lifestyle, allow enough rest to your body by sleeping well.


No matter whatever situation you go through, you should stay motivated. Motivation is an important aspect that helps you to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. At time, there will be failures, but you should always keep a positive mindset. If you fail on some days, you will indeed ensure success on the other days. Only if you stay positive, you will be able to push yourself for a healthy lifestyle. If you are injured or tired, allow proper rest to your body. Going slow and steady is always beneficial. It is the case with your fitness goals. Just have patience and keep going.

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