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by Mahima
Fitness App Free

The key to a healthy and fit body is a fitness schedule that is backed by a motivated and inspired mind, effective planning and efficient work out. You cannot have a trainer guiding and pushing you to achieve your fitness goals all the time. To keep you on track and pumping technology comes to the rescue in a big way. There are many fitness apps that are free for download online.

Fitness App Free

Listed below are a few of these fitness apps that will help you plan and track your fitness goals:

  • Runtastic – Irrespective of how you train, this app keeps a record of all your workouts. Whether it’s jogging, running or biking the app lets you to set goals and tracks via a built-in GPS to record routes in real time.
  • Asana Rebel – A handy app that introduces you to Yoga. It keeps a record of your training by maintaining a calendar with green dots. Two new workouts daily ensure that the routine doesn’t become boring.
  • MyTraining Workout Tracker Log – This app has a library of fitness videos to choose from, it maintains a daily log and a calendar, a group of fitness coaches guide you from time to time.
  • My Virtual Mission – Motivation is a must for any fitness routine. The app creates a fitness route of your dreams.

Download Fitness App Free

  • Couch to 5k Runner – This app offers advice to beginners and all other support to start on a fitness routine. This program claims to get the people off the couch and running in 9 weeks.
  • Daily workouts Fitness trainer – This app allows you to train in the comfort of your homes. You can choose which area of your body you want to target for fitness and the app provides a 30-minute workout that suits you best.
  • Fitbody Weight Lifting Trainer – This app gives you a step by step program for a methodical weight training program.

These fitness apps lead you to a healthier and happier life and that too with a quick click of the phone.


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