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Fear in Relationship And How to Deal with Them

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is Fear in a Relationship
  • Cause of Fear of Being in a relationship
  • Is it Normal to be Afraid of Being in a Relationship
  • What does One Person’s Fear About a Relationship
  • What is Your Biggest Fear in Relationship
  • How to Overcome Such Fear

Relationships are nice and can change our lives for betterment, but we must know how to handle it perfectly. Unfortunately, some mishaps in relationships not only finish your relation with your partner but also ruin your mental peace and hamper your entire life extremely. Thus, several people found afraid of being in a relationship or carry a relationship for long. Experts say you must find your hidden fear in a relationship and learn how to deal with it proficiently. Here we emerge with some useful tips in this topic, let’s take a quick look on them-

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What is Fear in a Relationship?

First of all, you must recognize what is relationship fear before finding the curing process. When a person feels afraid to be in a relationship or to start a new relationship with others, it is called relationship fear. Besides, a few people seem afraid to continue their relationship and keep worrying all the time while being in a relationship; these signs also called fear in a relationship.


In short, whether you are afraid of being in a relationship, losing your relationship, continuing your relationship or starting a new relationship all over again- these all kinds of feelings are known as fear in a relationship.

Causes of Fear of Being in A Relationship:

The cause of fear in the relationship can be varied from person to person, as this type of fear occur from our experience or mind setup and different people have different experience different circumstances. If a person feels frightened to be in a relationship, there must be some particular reasons buried behind it. possible causes may be-

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  • That person grew up in an environment where the environment of the relationship wasn’t good
  • A person has a trust issue with others
  • A person is likely to panic being hurt
  • People, who are a novice and first tie having an affair
  • People, who have been the victim of a broken relationship previously
  • A person, who doesn’t feel safe
  • People, who have been taken advantage of while being in a relationship
  • And a person, who worries about losing their partner in a relationship

Is it Normal to be Afraid of Being in a Relationship?


If you are ashamed of being afraid to be in a relationship then, change your mind instantly. It is normal to be scared of being in a relationship, especially if you have valid reasons behind your fear. Make sure that your fear is not going out of your control and start ruining your relationship with your loved one. What you need to do is that just find out the cause and fight for it with your mind power before things gone out of your hands permanently.

What does One Person’s Fear About a Relationship?

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Fear of relationship could be different types, based on the mind of a person. Some common types of being a concern in a relationship are as follows-

  • Whether you should be in a relationship or not
  • Is your partner trustworthy
  • Is a relationship good for you
  • Does your partner care about you
  • will you partner hurt you ever
  • Are you losing your partner to someone else
  • Is your relationship slipping from our hand
  • Is your partner taking advantage of you
  • Does your partner lose interest in you
  • Does your partner cheat on you
  • Is it safe for you to be in a relationship or continue a relationship, etc. 

What is Your Biggest Fear in Relationship?

Among the typical types of fear, there are some categories, which may petrify you more in a relationship and ruin your mental peace entirely. Some of the biggest types of fear people face being in a relationship are-

I Have to Lose My Social Life:

Some people stay back from being in a relationship just because they think that a love relationship compels them to say goodbye to their social life. Who doesn’t like to enjoy with friends and family? But sometimes, our partners need time and priority from us which makes us give up a social life with biddies and other family members.

My Partner Will Cheat on Me:

It is one of the common types of fear people used to get when starting a new relationship. Trust is a common issue between couples in a relationship and this type of fear occurs when you don’t have much trust or respect for your partner. Sometimes self insecurity and unnecessary secrecy in relationships also initiate this sort of fear in a person.

What If I Pick the Wrong Person for Me?

Doubt is the biggest enemy of a person in a relationship. Sometimes, a part of our mind wants to settle down with a particular partner, but another part starts doubting what if or she isn’t ‘the one’ for me! This type of doubt often grabs us back from beginning a relationship seriously.


My Partner Losing Interest in Me:

A thought that instigates fear in your mind that you may lose or already losing your partner, can be a common reason for holding you back from being committed.  thought of ‘I am not good enough for him or her’ is also be a valid reason for this insecurity in a relationship.

Family Member Would Be a Problem:

When friends could play the cupid in making a relationship, some family members of a partner could act as a villain and they will be a reason for relationship-fear at times. Problems even grow wider, if your partner couldn’t recognize the fault of their family member and start supporting them instead of you.  

This is Not the Right Time for Settle Down:

Some people have unsuccessful relationship experience because of their shaky mind. When a person couldn’t get committed due to their uncertain mind, it also called fear of a relationship. The commonest thing I feel here is that this is probably not the right time to settle down, despite being in a long term relationship.

I am Going To Get Hurt Soon:


One more common type of fear people face in a relationship or with the urge of being in a relationship is that ‘I am going to get hurt soon’. Probably the person has past hurt experience or extremely afraid of being hurt by the loved ones. This type of thought often keeps people away from being fall in love or continues a relationship on a serious note.

How to Overcome Such Fear?

To get rid of these types of fear, you should follow a few simple rules in the relationship and they are as follows-

  1. Find the source of your relationship-fear before attempting to end it well
  2. Apply methods like mindful meditation, yoga, therapies, etc. to find the experience of relationship
  3. Be confident and find self-esteem that makes you believe that you are enough for your partner
  4. Talk about your relationship-fear or insecurities to your partner openly
  5. Get the help of from others like your elders, friend or professional relationship experts
  6. Give time to your partner and start enjoying the days of your relationship as much as you can
  7. Stay away from negative people or negative environment that discourage you from a healthy relationship
  8. Understand that getting hurt if a common human emotion and it is normal being hurt in a relationship
  9. Have faith in your partner but don’t have blind trust that may hurt back you badly in time
  10. Finally, faith in your choice that you won’t pick a wrong person and your partner is the ‘the one’ whom the universe has chosen for you.