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Dragon Fruit: Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits

by Bharti
Dragon Fruit Feature

Dragon fruit is also known by the name Strawberry Pear, Pitahaya and Pitaya. The fruit belongs to the Cactus family. We can easily identify it by its unique Pink color and pulpy shape. Dragon fruit tastes sweet and has a very spiky like appearance. The inner pulp of the fruit is white or pink.

Dragon fruit mainly grows in the subtropical and tropical regions. Majorly, one can find it in Central parts of the US and Asia, where it is a very popular fruit. It is known for its health benefits and nutritional values. The fruit is a rich source of healthy fats, vitamins, iron and fiber.

Nutritional values of Dragon fruit

The fruit is a good source of Calories (102), Sodium (0mg), Fats (0mg), Carbs (22mg), Fiber (5mg), Proteins (2mg) and Sugar (13g).

Carbs – It is considered as low carb food. Its main source of carbs comes from Carbohydrates in the form of sugar and fiber. Dragon Fruit is rich in around 5 gm of fiber and 13 g of sugar with each serving. The carb content is very much similar to that of a banana.
Fats – Fat is present in a small percentage of this fruit. It is rich in Polyunsaturated fats, fatty acids and healthy fats.
Protein – Protein is present in a very small percentage in the fruit which is equivalent to around 2 gm.
Minerals and vitamins – It is rich in riboflavin and vitamin C. It is also rich in calcium, niacin and iron.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruit

The fruit is well known for its health benefits. it is the best source of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals.

1. Healing properties

Dragon fruit contains heal cells. It has Vitamin C which is a source of ascorbic acid. This fruit also acts as the best building material for healthy bones. Additionally, it also helps improve the blood vessels, muscles and cartilage in the body. The fruit is ideal to help heal the wounds faster it also helps in preventing the development of diseases. It is a natural source of Vitamin C which helps in boosting the body immunity to resist diseases.

Healthy Body

2. Eliminates inflammation

The fruit is a rich source of flavonoids and antioxidants. Thus, it helps reduce stress and repair the damaged cells in the body. it will also prove helpful for curing certain types of chronic conditions.

3. Improves the body digestion tendency

The fruit is a rich source of fiber. It is the best fruit for improving the digestion power of the human body. Additionally, it also helps in regulating the cholesterol in your body. Thus, many health experts recommend to consume at least 28 gm of this fruit on daily basis to control cholesterol building. Being a rich source of fiber, it also helps in controlling conditions like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and overweight issues like obesity.

Dragon Fruit improves Digestion

4. Regulates blood sugar levels

Dragon fruit is the best to consume if you are suffering from blood sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes then you can consume this fruit. In case you feel you are developing a diabetes-like condition then try to include this fruit in your daily diet. It is best rated for diabetes type 2 conditions. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that only a small amount of this fruit is helpful to regulate diabetes. Thus, higher servings may not be advisable as they can increase blood glucose levels.

5. Allergies

Allergies are common and can be triggered due to end number of reasons. Consuming dragon fruit will not trigger any type of allergic reaction in your body. But for some, the fruit may trigger mild reactions of oral swelling, itching and skin rash-like conditions. In case you develop allergic-like symptoms after consuming this fruit then it is advisable to contact your health expert immediately. You may need medical assistance in case you face an allergic reaction before the condition gets severe.

Adverse effects of consuming Dragon fruit

So far there have been no reports of any adverse reaction in individuals after consuming this fruit. It is neutral even when consumed with any other form of medicines. Thus, many experts have rated this fruit as health safe.

Variety of Dragon fruits

When searching the market, you will come across three main types of Dragon fruit. These include white flesh type that has pink colored skin, white flesh type that has yellow skin and red flesh type that has pink skin. The color of the fruit does not change its nutritional values as they are all the same. You ma come across small seeds enclosed inside the flesh. You can also consume the seeds of the fruit along with its fleshy pulp. The seeds of the fruit are edible type.

Types of Dragon Fruit

You can consume this fruit normally or include it in the juice form in your regular diet. It is always best to buy fruit that is fresh and has hardened skin and flesh.

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