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Dieting Myths and Reality of Weight Loss

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is dieting myths
  • Top dieting myths so far
  • Truth and reality of dieting myths
  • Can dieting alone can cause weight loss
  • What are the nutrition myths
  • Should we believe these myths

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Dieting myths are something that always comes to our way first in the attempt of starting a dieting plan. Several people get confused and take wrong decisions because of these myths as they couldn’t figure out the difference between reality and myths. Some old misconceptions about losing weight often mislead us and spoil our focus from the real goal of weight reduction.

So, what we actually need is to know that what the fake falsehood is behind the common myth of weight loss. To do so, we need to validate a few things over this topic, and here we go with some of the common queries over these myths. Let’s check them out and make your weight-losing attempt smoother than ever-

What are the Dieting Myths?

Everybody wants to lose weight fast and rapidly, during this attempt they often come across a few false promises which work as some conventional myths in this topic. It is not necessary that dieting myths should always be false, there are some true myths as well, but one must know to rectify the difference between the fake and a true weight-losing myth.

Both types of sagas or legendary theories about dieting are called dieting myths. Dieting myths could be on different types of topics related to the dieting attempt. Some of the common myths in this regard are as follows-

  • Dieting myth about the nutrition value of foods
  • Dieting myths about food restrictions
  • Myths about the skipping meal theory
  • Dieting myths about the food which work magically to burn fats
  • Myths about safe-to-eat foods in a dieting program
  • Dieting myths about how to lose weight without exercising
  • Dieting myths about carbs and fats
  • Myths about how diet perfectly like professionals
  • The myth about how to get into the grove of a strict diet plan easily
  • Myths about dieting drinks which help to lose weight fast
  • Myths about the calorie and carbs value of different foods, etc.

Top Misguiding Dieting Myths So Far:

We are not saying all dieting myths are false and make your attempt of losing weight difficult, but there are a few digressive myths that exist in this way. These types of myths not only make your possibilities of reaching the goal of weight-reduction difficult but sometimes worsen your weight instead of shedding them from your body. So, first of all, you must know the true criteria of these false dieting myths and should avoid them in the way of weight loss process attentively. Some of these supremely misguiding dieting myths are-

  1. Skipping meals is the best way to shed some pounds quickly from your body
  2. If you eliminate all foods from your dieting list excepts some vegetables greens and fruits, you can reach your weight-reduction goal faster
  3. Following the no-eating method after 8 pm could help you immensely in losing weight process
  4. Some foods can help to burn calories without any type of exercise or laborious workouts
  5. Certain foods are skilled in burning fats from the specific portions of your body, like belly, thighs, hips, waist, etc.
  6. Carbs are immensely harmful and fattening your body uncontrollably, then other nutrients
  7. No snacking and treating are allowed in a healthy dieting program, otherwise, the weight-losing program went wrong
  8. No fats are allowed in a weight-loss dieting program, no matter how healthy it is
  9. Some medicines or weight-losing supplements can help you lose weight faster than foods
  10. Obesity and weight loss program are related to willpower not with the biology
  11. Eat less, stay in empty stomach and labor more or move more to burn fat faster
  12. A single particle of sugar is harmful in a weight-losing program and make your attempt extensive
  13. Diet foods can help you shed some weight faster than normal or regular foods
  14. All people should maintain their weight below 50 kg or less as thin people are healthy only
  15. Protein especially animal protein can increase your weight in a dieting program instead of shedding pounds

Truth and Reality of Dieting Myths:

If you want to get the good sides of your dieting without getting any bad consequences, you must know the difference between the truth and false sides of the myths. Usually, there are several medical journals, and doctoral analyses we can find in modern times, which aid us immensely in the way of finding the reality behind these dieting myths. You just need to focus on those myths, which have some reality in them to make the process of dieting successfully from every aspect. After discussing the most common myths over dieting, here we come up with the actual reality behind some of those myths, let’s check them out quickly-

  1. Skipping meals is one of the harmful methods in weight lose
  2. Not all carbs and fats are bad for the weight reduction process
  3. Animal protein can actually aid you in shedding pound faster if you smartly replace them with carbohydrates
  4. Not all calories are equal and different calories work differently in your body to burn fats
  5. Only dieting supplements couldn’t help you a bit in the process of losing weight
  6. Practicing more workouts or laborious activities with fewer meals can make your weak and ill instead of thin
  7. Never skip the main three meals of the day ever, when you are trying to reduce weight
  8. Sometimes you must consume a small amount of sugar after spending some sugar-less days to prevent the consequences of sugar fall
  9. Not only fruits and vegetables are allowed but some healthy carbs, fiber-rich foods are equally good for the weight reduction process
  10.  Not all fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight and some even work for gaining weight rather than shedding pounds
  11. The exact amount of healthy weight varies depending on the height of a person, so, you can’t say that less than 50 or 40 kg is the healthiest weight for a person
  12. Only some particular foods can’t help you to burn fats from the certain body part, you must practice some specific exercises too for those particular places

Can Dieting Alone can Cause Weight Loss?

After the entire queries, what most people ask about the myths of weight reduction is that can a perfect diet chart can cause a healthy reduction program alone? Well, the answer is no, not really. Most of the health experts claim that a complete weight-losing process stays on the base of 75% of dieting and 25% of exercise chart.

Hence, you must amalgamate that mild portion of the workout schedule with your diet plan to make it work flawlessly on your system. If people skip that exercise part, then, they must face the consequence of slower weight-reduction speed with only the dieting part.  

What are Nutrition Myths?

Nutritional myths are which are related or have a direct connection with the nutrition parts of foods. Some of the common nutrition myths about weight reduction are as follows-

  • Low-fat and low-carb diet is the healthiest diet
  • Salt and sugar should be banned in a healthy diet plan
  • Eat foods which make your metabolic system faster normally
  • Small meals are best for a weight reduction process than larger meals
  • Eggs and whole protein components are unhealthy for a weight-losing program
  • All saturated fats are bad for your health
  • Grains are only fiber-rich healthy foods for the weight reduction process
  • All grain foods are good for health
  • Eating lots of protein is unhealthy for your health and stomach
  • Eliminating any kind of fat would be helpful in shedding pounds
  • The omega-6 fatty acid is as good as omega-3 fatty acids
  • All sugar or sugary foods contain empty calories
  • Fats only make your curvy
  • And fresh foods always come with more nutrient values than the preserved ones.

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Should We Believe These Myths?

As we discussed above that most of these myths are laid on a false base so, one, who is trying to lose weight faster must avoid these myths. So, we must conclude this discussion that one must validate the myth about weight loss that comes to their way with all the medical analysis and research theories. Then, you can decide whether you should believe the myth of a weight reduction process or not.