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Diet for Healthy Eyes ; One that can benefit your Vision

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Healthy Eyes

Your vision is mainly affected by the type of food diet you consume. In most cases, people believe that focusing on vegetables, eggs, fruits and fish is good for the eyes. To a certain extent, this is true as they do ensure healthy and effective eyes. There are two most common vision-related issues – Age and Cataract.

Age cannot be reversed as it is a natural phenomenon. Thus, your body may always show signs of ageing in one form or the other. Losing vision is one of the most common signs of ageing. Additionally, a cataract is another such condition that is related to vision health. It is mainly visible in the form of a cloudy area that gets accumulated around the eye lens.

Both conditions can affect the ability to see. Additionally, you face A.M.D a type of Macular Degeneration. In most cases, this condition can lead to temporary or permanent blindness. It affects the central visual part of the eye.

However, consuming a healthy diet and certain types of foods will help in maintaining healthy eye conditions. But don’t count on it for dealing with the age related depreciation. What we mention below, does not reverse the effects of aging.

Important nutrients to maintain Healthy Vision

There are specific types of nutrients that may help in maintaining good eye health. These nutrients include minerals (Vitamin A, C and E) along with certain types of antioxidant vitamins. Consequently, they help maintain good eye health.

These types of nutrients also help in the formation of macular degeneration conditions. The retina easily falls victim to environmental factors including depression and stress. This means that the retina area does not contain more free radicals.

The Retina (ensures Healthy Vision)

Thus, consuming food items that are a rich source of antioxidants will help in preventing retina damage. Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two types of carotenoids that are found in abundance in the retina. Additionally, you have to try and intake foods that are rich in antioxidant properties. This helps in improving the pigmentation formation in the retina area.

Thus, this pigment is essential as it absorbs most of the UV radiations from the sun that enter the eyes. It neutralizes the action of free radicals. Therefore, you have to consume more foods that are a rich source of antioxidants.

Maintaining a Healthy Retinal  

It is important to maintain good retinal health and Omega 3 fatty acids are associated with good retinal health. These types of nutrients will help in preventing retina damage. Additionally, Omega 3 fatty acid will also reduce inflammation in and around the eye region.

The Best source of Nutrients for a Healthy Eye

Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two types of antioxidant nutrients that you can find in most vegetables and fruits. 

You can try and make a selection of orange and yellow leafy vegetables. Furthermore, consuming egg yolk is also best for your eye health.

Additionally, you can include foods like flax seeds, cold water fish and nuts (walnuts). Foods rich in zinc will also help in improving eye health. Moreover, you can include foods like shellfish and red meat more in your everyday diet.

It is better to consume more Vitamin E, A and C in your daily diet. Seeds, fruits and nuts are the best sources of these vitamins.

Basic Foods that ensure Healthy Eyes


You can consider consuming more fish products. Salmon fish is the best and rich source of Omega3 fatty acid. You can include fish products and fish oils in your everyday diet. These types of food will improve retina health. They also help in preventing dry eyes related issues.

You should try and include more fish foods for at least three days a week in your diet plan. Farm-raised salmon fish is the best choice. You can season the fish with lemon and herbs.



Eggs are a good source of proteins ad especially Egg yolk is best for eye health. It is rich in Vitamin A, Zinc, Zeaxanthin and Lutein. These nutrients will safeguard cornea health as well as it eliminates cataract related issues.

Zinc will help in improving vision-related issues. it cures night blindness conditions as well. You can include eggs in your everyday diet as breakfast. You can also add eggs to your sandwich.



Almonds are good for your eye health. They contain more Vitamin E. it is advisable to try and consume almonds on daily basis. you can try and include around 15 gm of almond in your daily diet. You can also try and include other types of nuts.

Nuts are always considered the best source of vitamins. They keep your eyes healthy. Some good choices of nuts may include peanuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.


Dairy products

Dairy products in any form are good for your eyes. You can include them in various ways as milk, cheese, butter, cookies etc. They are a rich source of zinc, vitamins and proteins. Additionally, they help in maintaining good cornea conditions.

This type of foods will help in preventing the formation of cataract and other retina related issues. Milk is good for your vision. You can add milk to tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cereals. It can be your everyday breakfast.

Dairy Products are Healthy in every form


Carrots have always been considered the best alternative for maintaining good eye health conditions. They are rich in Vitamin C. Additionally, it also contains beta carotene and Vitamin A. Carrot helps in preventing eye infections as well.

You can include carrot in many different ways in your daily diet. You can include carrot as a salad or eat it raw.


There are many types of food items that you can include for maintaining good eye health Kale and oranges are also the best food for your eyes. It is also essential to take care of your eyes. Additionally, prevent it from excessive exposure to direct sunlight and bright light conditions. Too much exposure to the dim light condition as well is never recommended.

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