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Best Core Exercise During Lockdown

by Naina Chauhan
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Exercises or workouts are crucial, especially when it comes to the matter of losing weight. It also considered the key to healthy life, but this program couldn’t work efficiently if you don’t practice it daily. Fat loss or weight loss is not something just about diet it is a combination of different healthy habits in your lifestyle. So, if you are looking to lose some extra pounds from your body with the quickest method, include some effective workouts in your daily routine.

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Here we suggest the best 5 types of  core exercise ideas, which you can easily adjust in your daily routine and say goodbye to your extra fat –



core exercise

One of the best exercises that you can do to lose weight and at the same time develop strength and stability in your gluts, hamstrings and lower back.

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For this move, the target muscle is the erector spine which runs the length of your back from your neck to tailbone. A basic bridge stretches the stabilisers of the posterior chain, including your hip abductors, glutenous maximums, and hamstrings.

2) jumping jacks

core exercise

Jump and jacks, the high metabolic and calorie burning exercise which can show some outstanding results within few weeks. Jumping jack is quite easy to do and can be done at a room.

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3) plank

core exercise

Planks are a core workout staple—but are you sure you’re even doing the exercise correctly? it is the most famous and effective exercises that you can do to reduce belly fat. The benefits of plank are remarkable like it strengthen your shoulder back and abdominal at the same time, while the highest contraction is on abdominal muscle.


core exercise

If your not able to do plank for longer due to lack of shoulder strength then this exercise is for you. In this exercise you just need your abdominal and not the support of any other muscle group.

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core exercise

One of the best fat burning exercises. Skipping or rope jumping is a great form of cardio exercise . It increases the heart rate. Skipping does not require a lot of space and can be even done in a room and the benefits of skipping are unbelievable.