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9 Best Chest Workout Exercising For Building Muscle

by Bharti
9 Best Chest Workout Exercising For Building Muscle

No matter if you are a male or female, building chest muscle and having a strong upper body is a dream of everyone as it gives a unique personality and adds up beauty to your appearance. It is also not very easy to build muscles overnight or with minimum effort, one had to do a regular workout to get those muscles.

Some exercises particularly focus on your chest muscles and help you build the muscles and strengthen them.

Here I am going to mention some best exercises/workout routines to build up those chest muscles, which are effective and give the best results. Some exercises can be performed in the gym only and there are some exercises which can be done at home with some equipment and taking proper precautions and following proper instructions/method to do it.

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Most Effective Chest Workouts For Building Muscles:

Cable Iron Cross

It is a modified version of the cable chest fly exercise and it is effective to build and strengthen the chest and triceps muscles. It also helps in the overall upper body. To perform it, you have to select the desired weight and set it in pulleys and keep it high as much as you can, your feet should be in line with pulleys and keep a slight bend from the elbow, and need to pull handles in front of your body.

Be careful that you do not squeeze handles too much and do not make both handles touch and tangle them.

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Pec Dec

It is great workout equipment for chest muscles. Adjust the height of the seat with arm pads and also on the level of your chest. Adjust desired weight and get a good grip on the handle of the machine and place forearms on padding. When you bring forearms together make sure you do not make them touch, and then again come back at your starting position.

It is easy to exercise but still need to be careful about it, you do not want to move forwards when you are squeezing and have to keep your body steady and tight and your arms and elbow should be parallel to the ground and not much inclined or mobile.

Barbie Bench Press

It is the most popular exercise and preferred by all from beginners to bodybuilders. Your chest workout is incomplete without performing this exercise. There are verifications available for beginners and bodybuilders perform the advanced level of it.

To do this exercise one has to lie on the bench, hands wider than shoulder-width and shoulder blades should be set by pinching it together and driving them into the bench. The upper back should be tight and steady throughout the exercise. Lower down the bar by forming a straight line and while doing it make sure to unlock your elbow, pressing yourself into the bench, repeat as much as you can.

Proper technique should be followed and not in haste and not too much weight should be added in the first place itself if you are a beginner to it. For the shoulder, stability squeezes the bar tightly. 

The inclined bench press is similar to it but with some minor differences, utilizing incline will help and it will target on upper body and chest.

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Dips For Chest

For this exercise, one has to put their feet behind and have to lean forward and elbows should be spread out as you take a dip. This is a simple exercise and effective too. There are not many restrictions or instruction which one must follow to do it.

If you feel like your arms are strong and can handle your weight you can perform it after doing your rest exercises or else if you are a beginner you can do it at the beginning of your chest workout. The reps of it completely depend upon your strength and stability. It will work for your chest as well as building up triceps.

Staggered Push-ups

It is also the best to exercise for building up chest muscles and upper body and is effective. Take a push-up position keeping your body in a straight line from shoulder to feet. Then start staggering your hands. Place one hand a little forward and let the other remain under the shoulder or on its original position, then lower your body to the floor till your elbow creates a 90-degree position and then return to your original position.

You can change up your hands and perform as many as you can without hurting your back and shoulders. Pushup and Row are also similar to it.

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Plate press-out

Choose a plate that weighs between 5 to 20 kilograms, keeps your feet apart, put your plate near your chest while grabbing it with your hands strongly and keep the plate near your chest, keep your arms and back straight. Squeeze shoulders to bring the plate closer to the chest, and when it is as close as it can be to your chest then put it back out again and repeat it.

After the horizontal plate press out, you can also try vertical press out. Once you get familiar with the concept try doing it with more weights.

Resistance Band Pulls Apart

This is a simple exercise and one does not need much instruction to do it but yet it gives the best results in building up muscles. It can be done as a warm-up to prepare your upper body for work and as a cool-down activity too. Keep your arms fully extended when you hold a band and pull it and bring back to its original position. Stretch the band to its original position till it touches your chest and then pulls it away. 

It is simple and does not need much-sophisticated equipment and one can even do it with the simple stretching band at home.

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Plyometric Push-Ups

It works as a fast exercise to build up a muscle of your chest and helps them grow faster. For it to work, get on the push-up position. Hands outside the chest form a straight line from head to heel. Lower your chest to the floor and press up so your hands come off the floor, if you can hold it clap your hands before getting into the original position. 

Count the claps and once you begin expert in it try doing more claps before getting into the original position.

Half Kneeling Chest Press

It not only helps in gaining chest muscles but also helps in giving good posture and balance. For it, you need to get in your knee and keep it a little forward, and sat in front of the cable machine. If you are on your left knee, grab the cable from your left hand only and press the cable to your chest and keep your core and knee straight. Don’t struggle with the knee and keep it steady. Return your arm to the starting position and try to stabilize your hips against the floor. 

Thus, these are the best effective nine exercises you need to do to build up muscles and strengthen your chest. Some are difficult and some are easy, some can be performed at home with the required equipment and others need to be performed at the gym only.

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