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What Are The Expected Changes In Baby And Mother To Be During Weeks 17-20?

by Bharti

To be pregnant is definitely the most wonderful experience that you might be looking forward to enjoy. If you recently have received good news and waiting for the little one to bump in your life soon then surely there are so many things to be followed. As a first time mother, you may experience so many challenges which eventually become a learning experience as well. Each trimester you see a new development of the baby inside your tummy and which absolutely is phenomenon. But most of us till stay curious on what all changes does really happen when your little one starts growing. If you have a curious mind too then here are something’s that you may want to know especially when changes between 17 to 20 weeks of pregnancy start taking place.

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This article is going to cover the following objects:

  • What happens during weeks 17–20 of pregnancy?
  1. The changes in baby
  2. The changes in you
  • 17-20 weeks pregnant what to expect
  • 17-20 weeks pregnant ultrasound
  • 17-20 weeks pregnant belly

What Happens During Weeks 17–20 Of Pregnancy?

The Changes In Baby:

As the time passes and when you become 17 weeks pregnant, understand the fact that growing process of your baby pace up. The baby shall now be weighing around 150g and surely you will be noticing your baby growing. Besides there is a lot more of the development of body and head that may seem to be even in proportionate of your baby. The appearance of the face starts getting in shape of the human face and there will also be a growth of eyelashes and eyebrows too. Baby will also be capable of moving the eyes but surely the eye lids will be shut.  Moving further, the mouth of the baby is in his control since it can now open and close too. The formation of fingers and their lines will start occurring and you will be noticing some motions within since the baby will start moving a bit. The weight that you shall be seeing on your body will be of your baby and not the fat so it is now time to see your baby growing. By the time, you become 20 weeks pregnant, you baby will have a layer of skin on it with a greasy substance covering it which is known as vernix.


The Changes In You:

Once you cross half way of 20 there will be spectacular changes that you shall be noticing. You may notice the first move of your kid within you when you get 17 weeks pregnant and the moments become quite spontaneous and frequent too. You will also have a bubbling and flittering sensation and there might be more of indigestion feeling that you may feel. Often time, you would feel a kick and bump or the movements of your baby’s hand and feet. There will also be a dark line that you hall be noticing right down on your chest and tummies middle part. It basically is the pigmentation of the skin on the tummy size that shall be accommodating the growing bump. Don’t get panic if there are some hair loss as well that you may notice. Other than this, you may come across more or less some of the symptoms that shall include lack of sleep, tiredness, headaches and pain in lower back side which are not usually serious.


17-20 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect:

There shall be a coating of skin on the baby in white color that you might notice covered in a creamy greasy substance called vernix. The focus of such type of skin is to offer better protection to the skin the time when they are in the womb itself.  Basically, you soon shall be expecting an anomaly scanning to be done. In the scanning, you may even notice your baby sucking the thumb. It is normal and basically they are practicing their reflex which is required since they soon shall need the milk. Bleeding gums, bloating and feeling constipated all the time are some of things that you may expect but there is nothing to be worried of since they will disappear eventually after the birth. If you never had any kind of issue with regards to your mental health earlier then you might ace some mental stress as well. You may feel sad rather than being too happy. Your GP during such situation may help you since it is the hormonal changes that dominate here quite a lot.

17-20 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect

17-20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound:

 During the 17 to 20th week of pregnancy fetus is growing in quite size enough for the structure of the body and the development. It is more of an assessment to see the age, bumper, and confirmation of the fetus delivery date. Besides, the placenta position, fluid intake and even the cervix appearance are other some crucial things that you may come across during the ultrasound.


This type of diagnosis is nothing but the use of high frequency which is done to record the growth of your baby in that very time when the process is being undergoing. Your doctor would recommended you to do this type of screening to see if the fetus is growing in a healthy way and whether all internal organs are also improving. In case there is any kind of abnormality, which is also noted by the ultrasound. The scanning needs to be done between 17 to 20 weeks but not after 21 weeks as it is the appropriate time for you to notice all the structure.

You simply prepare yourself for ultrasound have to see there is enough of water in the bladder but your bladder should not be excessively fill. It is better to wear comfortable clothing for better access to the abdominal area for the doctor. The screening shall take around 40 minutes to be done and once there are no abnormalities detected, you can then shall again continue with your.

17-20 Weeks Pregnant Belly:

Soon after you get 20 weeks pregnant, it means you are halfway to being pregnancy. And it is probably time to notice some shape of your adorable baby taking place. The appetite of you has to be quite good and there can be some chances for you to even notice that you are pregnant. The belly shall be popping out and you may even have to wear the maternity clothes. The shape and size of the belly along with the role of genetics and the food you eat can hamper a lot. So if you have a neighbor who is also 20th week pregnant as you are but seems to have a bigger belly than yours then there is nothing you should be panicking about.


The things are right in front of you. But you don’t really have to panic about it. It is okay to come across some common symptoms but if you think that you are not feeling right then visit your doctor. Each time during this phase, it is only your doctor taking a good care of your health. So make it a point to have an appointment scheduled and make visits on regular basis as doctor advises. This way, you shall be sleeping a peaceful sleep at night. Don’t forget to have communication with your baby. Because even if it is inside you, remember, it is talking always and it shall always be listening and responding to every act that you do. It is now time for you to explore the moment of motherhood with all great care, nourishment and happiness with the little one growing within.

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