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Brain Workout Challenge: Improve Your Brain Fitness

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  • Introduction
  • Definition of Brain Workout challenge
  • Positive aspects of Brain Workout Challenge
  • Who should take up the Brain Workout Challenge and Why?

The brain workout challenge is a powerful game that has become popular among the people recently. The game was able to catch attention especially during the quarantine period. During self-quarantine, people had been trying to spend their time doing something useful and fun. While some people preferred reading and cleaning, other indulged themselves in solving critical puzzles.

People of all age groups can take the brain workout challenge. Just like you need a physical work out regimen for a perfect body, you need the the brain workout challenge to boost up the health of your brain. It helps improve the memory power of the brain and prevents mild cognitive impairments. According to researches and studies, your brain is trainable & thus, the training should be tailored, as per individual needs. The brain workout is proven to be effective as it has even helped people who had experienced few signs of Dementia. It also strengthens the neural pathways and networks of the brain cells.

Definition of Brain Workout Challenge

The brain workout challenge has been a common practice since several years. However, it gained popularity during the quarantine season. The game was in almost all forwards in several WhatsApp groups and thus now, almost everyone is aware about it.

The game is all about a series of shuttled alphabets that you have to rearrange to form a correct word. The words that you get, should be in correlation with the theme or question mentioned on the top of the message. This makes the game actually interesting and fun to play. Not only do you need to use your brain to solve the challenge, you can even improve your vocabulary.

Positive aspects of Brain Workout Challenge

There are several positive aspects of the brain workout challenge. Some of the significant ones are mentioned below: –

  1. It is personalized – When you take the brain workout challenge, you solve the puzzle on your own. Therefore, STAGE FRIGHT does not become an issue. You get the puzzle on your phone through WhatsApp, which you can solve from the comfort of your home. There is no one to bother or disturb you while you take up the challenge.
  2. No time limits – There is no time limit to finish the brain workout challenge. You can take your own time to think and solve the puzzle. People often tend to make mistakes when they have to finish a test within the stipulated time. However, the Brain workout challenge allows a lot of time to finish the test successfully.
  3. Motivating“Practice Makes Man Perfect” and so does the Brain workout challenge. The more you participate in the game, the more you train your brain to become sharp and efficient. If you take up the challenge everyday and spare some time of the day, you will be able to excel with the passing days. Brain training is beneficial for everyone. You can even indulge your family and friends to join the challenge as well as it’ll ensure healthy competition. You will also end up getting more motivated.
  4. Challenging – Brain workout challenge does take a toll with it’s several levels of difficulty. When your brain gets bored with the similar words, try to take up the tough ones. This way, you will challenge yourself and get better. The level of the brain exercises increase with every level of the game. Always keep your brain challenged and on the run so that it works at its peak level.

Who should take up the Brain Workout Challenge and Why?

The brain workout challenge can be played by anyone. However, if you want excel in the following fields; you should obviously take up the challenge.

Brain Workout Challenge helps improve vocabulary

Vocabulary – The brain workout challenge is all about arranging the scattered alphabets to form meaningful words. It helps you to discover new words and increases the vocabulary. Even if you are not good with the English language, this challenge allows you to familiarize yourself with the language. In time, you can and will excel in the language. As you learn new words, you can use them in regular conversations. Thus, the English language shall no more remain an alien language for you.

Concentration – The brain workout challenge is not an easy challenge due to the difficulties in arranging the alphabets and forming words. You may not be able to remember the words all at once as it requires a huge amount of concentration and dedication. You need to sit at a quite place and play the game with full concentration. The more you play, the more your brain will be trained to concentrate on a particular work. In time, you will get hold of the words and improve your vocabulary.

Patience – Nowadays, with increased stress in life, people fall short of patience. However, Patience is paramount for leading a good life. You need patience to do every work perfectly as lack of patience can increase the frustration. Doing the brain workout challenge, helps you practice and develop patience. It’s this patience that’ll help you solve the puzzles. In short, the more you play the brain workout challenge, the more your patience level increases.


Several researches found that intelligence is not a fixed characteristic of a human being. It’s true that every individual is gifted with a brain, however you have to train it to become intelligent. The brain workout challenge helps your brain to reach it’s truest and fullest potential.

It not only increases your intelligence, but also boosts up your memory and concentration. The brain fitness has two basic principles namely, CURIOSITY and VARIETY. The brain workout challenge offers both these factors and thus, is one of the best challenges that you can take as a workout of your brain. This challenge would help you to attain your goal for mental fitness. After all, a healthy mind goes hand in hand with a physical health.

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