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Keep Your Brain Calm & Reduce Its Activity Through Meditation!

by Sakshi Patkar
keep your brain calm through meditation

Brain is one of the most important organs in human beings and also one of the most disturbed one in today’s world and why not it be. The stress and hectic lifestyle and no time for relaxation and lifestyle had made this thing possible. What brain activity has been most affected by is the anxiety, social pressure, stress, depression and much more. The more the person over thinks the more brain actively produces negative vibrations.

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What people of today’s world has created is stress by themselves by a continuous affirmation like “i am stressed”.

Actively our brain is made for work and tolerate few amount of stress but when the stress is for prolonged periods this starts affecting both physical and mental health of a person.

How our brain functions and organize works inside is still an undiscovered but what through years and from historic cultures we have learned that with regular practice of meditation a human can control waves and guide the thoughts inside brain.


“Meditation” one of the most popular and effective activities all over the world for controlling and directing mind and thoughts. But how does this being so effective? How does it change the and give the person control on thought process? How does it change the brain activity. Well different people have different views. But in a recent studies it was to determine how brain activity took place while the person is meditating.

research on meditation

Whether we are sleeping, resting or highly active there is some form of electrical waves travelling inside brain. So through these studies with monitoring with the use of advance technology, around 50 people were monitored while they meditated for 20 minutes.The abundance and location of slow to fast electrical brain waves (delta, theta, alpha, beta) provide a good indication of brain activity. 


When a person sits and closed his eyes, the only thing he can see is the imagination of incidents or a blank black colour. When a person either imagining or creating incidents, he or she is continuously producing waves that are connected through dots like any incidents and things that he has experienced in life. So what the majority of people imagine something that they want to do or something bad that has already happened with them and this creates more fear and disturbance, but at the same time when a proprietress on blank or dot on his forehead, he has started having a much control on his thought process and imagination. So every time he practices focusing on blank he is making it much stronger every day whenever a person will sit and be alone he will be having a positive control and imagination on his thought process.

how does meditation works

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How a person looks outside sometimes might be very pleasing and happy but what goes inside no one knows except the person itself. However,if you are dealing with different stress and depression or any other kind of problem inside chances are you might have not tried a good meditation. So here are some few good techniques you can apply to control brain activity and make it calmer and relaxed.


One of the most popular and equally effective forms of meditation. I will recommend you to do early in the morning and the process to do this is,

1. Sit in a comfortable position in a silent place and over a mat so the energy remains in your body and does not pass into the earth.

2. Next point to remember is while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while the other three fingers opened and Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards towards the sky.

3. Keep your backbone straight so the energy in your body flow.

focus on forehead dhyana

4. Try to practice this in the early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day and also the sound of the outer world are much less so it is quite easy for you to focus. 

5. It is also said in Vedas of Indian culture that practicing dhyana at 4 am is very different and will take your focus to the next level and will be very helpful and this is said because most of the vibration and negative energy at 4 am sleeping so it is the best time to develop the positive ones.  

6. Make sure you practice this in an open area like a garden or ground or at you Terrace at your home.

This form of meditation will help you to have high control over your thought process and will also make your brain calm so the the the the the the the the the things that you are dealing inside will become easier for you to handle.


Much popular nowadays in the western world but equally followed in eastern. In this form of meditation either a person is guided by his mentor or by himself or through audio which is nowadays more popular form.

1. There are no particular names of this form of meditation it is up to you. In guiding meditation or affirmative meditation the person sits, in the same way, he did it in point focus meditation but this time while focusing on the forehead he continuously gives the message to his conscious mind to the area he wants to improve or develop so the conscious mind starts implementing the positive thoughts into his subconscious mind, 

2. If you want to send love and kindness to everyone you will have to continually give affirmation “I love each and everyone around me” With this you will start to engage your subconscious mind and change the old pattern so you can develop a feeling of gratitude. Just like when we were told to do prayers to thank god and develop the feeling of gratitude the same way in this meditation we feed our subconscious mind.

brahm kumari raja yoga

3. In India, one of the most popular and highly effective mediation organisations is raj yoga meditation which is also known by brahma kumari meditation. It has its sub-center to almost every city in the country and head centers in 110 different countries. People use the audio version of guidance by the spiritual leaders in brahmakumari which is proven highly effective in guiding form of meditation.

With these two form meditation which is proven highly effective, the person will have much control on different brain activity that continuously goes into his mind. The activity that is creating a disturbance and a negative aura around him.  

If you are reading this article from India or any other part of the world try to find nearest brahma kumari center and join it, it is free of cost all over the world. Anyone who is a beginner in meditation will learn it easily in this organisation. And if you are not able to reach the center then you can search their many videos on YouTube which are very effective and even I still use them in my guided meditation.

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