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Boost Your Brain With Different Meditation Techniques For Stress And Depression!

by Sakshi Patkar
meditation techniques to boosts your brain

Meditation is about shutting down your mind this is the perspective of the majority of people about meditation. In simple terms, meditation is about directing your thoughts and emotions in the best possible directions.

While this term “meditations” is widely used by advisors and psychologists for people suffering from stress and depression. Another term which are widely used by people all over the world. Stress has the power to ruin the lives of people and depression has the power to kill a person both inside and outside.

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A lot of people are confused about word stress, yes the majority of people in the world use this affirmation ( i am stressed ) for as many times as they might not even eat or drink, and the reason is simply that they are living in that environment where the mind dominated with work life, showoff, jealousy, anxiety these all terms when comes to effect the person even suffering from normal headaches starts telling I am stressed, what we know about the law of attraction and affirmation that even if you are not stressed, you will very shortly because of continuous affirmation that you are using.


And then comes the people who are really stressed though they affirm or not but the mental pressure they might be dealing with is taking a lot of their minds. In this case also person might be suffering temporary stress that might be due to any work or any other temporary conditions.  And then comes the prolonged stress that remain for way too long period and drains person slowly inside. And the results start showing in every aspect of a person life living the more physical change like dark circles, losing and gaining of weight especially in women and the change in persons mental behavior like more aggressive and frustration and the low sex drive.

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Depression the way this word looks so weak and negative to you the same way it does to a person dealing with depression. Depression in the future world will be killing more people than any other disease. The environment that people have created has made this word so popular and a common term that people become victim of it more easily. The prolonged stress when reached to next level and person could not find a proper solution for it is the time person has started going in depression. Feeling sad and having loss interest in activity and pleasure of life for a continuous period and it is affecting our life is defined depression. But what depression is more about this depression or situation like this might have been definitely faced by every one of us at least once in our lifetime.


What people are advised by the doctor to all deal with this are medicine and other forms of drugs but they did not work just because depression is not a physical problem. depression is a mental disease which affects both physical and mental health and the best way to cure this is by meditation. 

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Depression and stress are nothing but a form of prolonged overthinking. When a hectic lifestyle including lot of work and less rest both physically and mentally. The person starts becoming weaker and moreover stressed. The reason could be different and one of the most common reasons in all over the world is financial and relationship. When a person is in debt and financial weak and he himself have no choice this starts making person weaker day by day. And the relationship doesn’t only mean with your wife, husband or girlfriend relationship problems could include relation with brother, mother, father or anyone.

how meditation works

So how and where all these starts? These all problems begin when a person starts complicating things with overthinking and pre judgement.when a person is alone and the time he thinks too much about problem more negatively and makes invaluable decision in anger and frustration so things become again complicated. So it is really important for a person to make his brain calm,have a control on his thought process and understand the situation in a much better way.



1. In this form of meditation, all you need to do is sit in a silent place and over a mat so the energy remains in your body and does not pass into the earth

2. then while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while the other three fingers opened and Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards.


3. keep your back bone straight so the energy in your body flow easily.

4. Try to practice dhyana  early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day and also sound of outer world are much less so it is quite easy for you to focus. 

5. It is also said in vedas of indian culture that practicing dhyana at 4 am is very different and will take your focus to the next level and will be very helpful and this is said because most of the vibration and negative energy at 4 am sleeping so it is the best time to develop the positive one’s.  

 This form of meditation will help you to have high control on your thought process and will also make your brain calm so all things that you are dealing inside will become easier for you to handle.

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  • BREATHING  MEDITATION (Focus On Breath):-          

Just like when you sit in dhyana in this the person focus on his breath. Breathing deeply and slowly for continuously helps the person to develop the  breathing pattern, unbreakable focus, and the peace in his aura.

breathing meditation                                      

This type of meditation not only helps the person mentally but also in physical health like breathing deeply the fresh air for longer periods increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and help the body to recover with problems like blood pressure, diabetes,cholesterol and other heart and cardiovascular disease.

  • GUIDING FORM OF MEDITATION (Affirmative Meditation):-

Well there are no particular names of this form of meditation it is up to you. In guiding meditation or affirmative meditation the person sits in the same way he did it in dhyana but this time while focusing on forehead he continuously gives the message to his conscious mind to the area he wants to improve or develop so the conscious mind starts gardening the positive thoughts into the subconscious mind.

affirmative form of meditation

For example the person want to send love and kindness to everyone he will continually give affirmation “I love each and every one around me” With this person is trying to engage his subconscious mind and change the old pattern so he can develop a feeling of gratitude. Just like when we were told to do prayers to thank god and develop the feeling of gratitude the same way in this meditation we feed our subconscious mind.

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