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Blood coagulation: types, causes and treatments

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Blood clots are a common problem that is often called deep vein thrombosis. This is a serious yet rare issue that can occur to anyone irrespective of age, gender, and even other genetic factors. It is the problem for which even to get the surgery the patient has to be first stable and then only further actions can be taken. This problem, if not treated on time, can damage the brain cells too. It is extremely important to understand the signs and get the treatment in the right manner. This is the guide that will clearly explain to you how the prevention of the same needs to be taken and what is the problem associated with it.

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What is a blood clot?

As you must have read above this problem is called thrombosis which is also popular by the name of hemmoriods. It is a serious matter and can be treated provided the diagnosis is one on time. Before you have a look at some of the important symptoms and causes associated with it, here are some facts and figures that you probably should be known for the right understanding.

Blood clot facts:

The problem of a blood clot is not common and is rare but there are treatment options available.

  • It is a gel-like substance that is created by the platelets and fibrin which is present in the blood that stops the bleeding.
  • It is important to create a blood clot for creating the repair solution to protect any kind of manages that may hamper blood vessel either in vein or artery
  • If the blood clot is not right inside the even then there are high chances for you to face the significant issues. The blood flow can pass the clot which is then decreased.
  • When blood clots form inappropriately inside an artery or vein, they may cause significant problems because blood flow past the clot is decreased.

Risk factors of a Blood clot problem:

You may have a chance of Blood clot if you some of the problem of your body such as

  • Swelling your leg or arm
  • Redness mark all over the skin
  • The black spot which is painless
  • There will be soreness in the leg
  • You may find your leg quite warm

Risk factors of a Blood clot problem in vein:

  • Smoking
  • Long time immobility
  • Drawbacks of birth control pills
  • Inherited blood-clotting disorders
  • Surgery of orthopedic process

Risk factors of blood clots problem in arteries:

  • Heart rhythm disturbance
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Trauma or local injury

This problem can be quite serious and that is why it is extremely important to take the proper measures the moment you think that your body is showing some of the obvious symptoms which patient with such issue usually shows

If there is an extra cause of blood clot to your body negatively then you must call the emergency number. You may find it quite difficult to breathe if the clot has reached to the lungs and result to-

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  • Chest pain
  • Fainting spells
  • A cough
  • A hard time breathing
  • A fast heartbeat
  • A mild fever

Chances when a blood clot is likely to Happen:

In case you are not a patient having this problem from earlier but there are chances that you may face is an issue if you had been a patient with:

  • 65 Or Older
  • Had Cancer
  • Recent Surgery
  • Take Hormones
  • Broken A Bone
  • Obese
  • Paralyzed
  • Heart Trouble
  • A Bad Bump
  • Confined To Bed
  • Bad Veins

Well, you cannot cure the genetic problem because of which excess blood clotting has been taking place. But to can reduce the risk factors by steps like:

  • Dealing with the condition in advance which may someday result in excess blood clotting problem
  • Losing weight and marinating the same rightly
  • Quit smoothing
  • The no heavier dose of medicines
  • Staying active as much possible
  • Not taking the medicines that have female hormone estrogen


There are some treatment options available to deal with the problem of excessive blood clotting. Precisely, it is a certain amount of medicines that your doctor may advise you but only to be taken being a part of emergency treatment

The treatment will be given to you depending on how serious is the condition

In case of emergencies, your doctor will give you medicines called thrombolytics or clot busters. These are just some emergency treatments to avoid heart stroke or kidney failure problem.

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There are also blood thinners which are the most common and routine treatment. It is more of a non-emergency situation but doctors advise this to be taken in form of IV, injector or a pill

Your doctor may also advise you to get the treatment done using the blend of two medicines which are warfarin and heparin at the same time. It works quickly and may take quite some time before it starts working. Other than this, there is also a treatment that has antithrombin factor and protein C factor available which helps in dealing with the problem rightly

Home remedies:

These are just a few things that your doctor may give. But it is always better to have a healthy diet plan from your end too. You must speak with your doctor about the home remedies which can be preventive Avoid smoking, alcohol and excess tress which can be extremely harmful to not just the blood clotting issue but also for the overall body in many ways. You need to be careful with the diet you eat. Avoid junk food or any kind of food to which you are allergenic too.

It is always better to have a monthly visit to your doctor to get such a problem dealt with well. You need to speak with a doctor on what all can be the possible do’s and dot’s that can reduce the risk of any kind of serious damages that may happen when you are designed with the problem of a blood clot. It is now time to start with an active life.