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by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is A Relationship Adviser All About
  • What Are The Best Relationship Advice You Can Give Someone
  • What Are The Best Relationship Advice You Can Take
  • What The Basic Things You Should Have in A Healthy Relationship

Keeping relationships on track and maintaining it happily could be harsh sometime, especially, when you are a novice person. In such matters, a hand of guidance could help us immensely to build our relationship even stronger than an expert. We need to focus more and care more in this speedy world, where the work schedule is heavier than our time. So, here we go with some important tips on relationships and clear guidance about what should be the best relationship advice for the desired person. Let’s check them out and be a pro in this field-


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What is A Relationship Adviser All About?

In this contemporary era, we have come across several unique things, and getting expert advice from some relationship professionals is one of those kinds. Previously, we take suggestions from our elders to keep a relationship on track, but nowadays we can get help from professionals, who are experts in this meadow. There are many specialized institutes are mounted around us in recent times, which hired these experts and always ready to help us in this attempt.

Professionals, who come out and help us in providing some amazingly skilled relationship advice, are called relationship adviser. In case, you are not ready to share your relationship secretes with some unknown person, talk about it with your near ones, whom you think is capable of giving you the right advice. In such a condition, you must know what are the best relationship advice should be to give or get. So, here are some clear ideas on this topic in our discussion below-

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What Are The Best Relationship Advice You Can Give Someone?

To be a good relationship adviser, you need to know some basic things about a perfect relationship and what kind of efforts could make a relationship healthy. Here we emerge with a few significant tips in this regard, let’s take a quick look on them-

  1. Be a good listener, means listen to them attentively, who came to you for some advice. If you don’t focus on their problems properly, solving them would be more difficult
  2. Let them talk out of their heart out. Because if you don’t let them talk about them clearly about their queries about the relationship, how do you able to solve their problem perfectly
  3. Be easy with them, as in, if someone comes to you for some advice but hesitating to begin, make them comfortable with you. Tell them that you would be delighted for helping them in relationship
  4. Pay attention to their conversation and try to see things from their point of view first instead of putting up your view on their problems
  5. Try to be altruistic and keep their problems first before yours, once you have decided to be a good relationship advisor
  6. Pay attention to your way of talking and try to show that their problems are not petty things. Try to demonstrate that they took good decision to discuss their problems with you
  7. Don’t act overconfident and don’t show them that your advice is the only way out. Try to emphasize that they are solving their issues just with a little helping hand from you. This will make them confident and teach how to carry a relationship healthily
  8. Show your full concern before advising this will make you more trustworthy and they listen to your advice more considerately
  9. Remind the person that having problems is normal and people have problems in almost every relationship. So, it is natural to get conscious and looking for help like them
  10. Suggest them to see things from their partner’s view first as this will make them things equal in their issue. Once a couple started understanding each other’s view, things turn less difficult automatically
  11. Tell them to learn how to appreciate; appreciation makes any relationship ore healthy. Tell them to start appreciating the good qualities of their partner openly
  12. Encouragement is a more powerful tactic to use here. Teach them how to encourage their partner for their good deeds, it will make their partner happy and their relationship healthy
  13. Tell them to avoid small abstractions, like focusing on small issues and misunderstandings. Once you learn to avoid unnecessary things in a relationship, things will be more easy and enjoyable for you.
  14. Encourage them to read about the rules of good relationships. The realization that comes from any reading notes makes people understand better about the points
  15. Tell them to recognize what to follow and what to avoid good relationships. There are some worthless magazines issued on so-called relationship issues, avoid them. If you want to let them read good relationship rules, advice them to read from books published by certified psychologists or relationship experts
  16. Teach them to avoid gender-based relationship advice. Girls or boys, everybody should look up a relationship advice journal that issues general instead of and specific gender. Otherwise, it may cause some serious gender speculation in their relationship
  17. Tell them to avoid arguments on irrelevant issues and focus on important issues only to carry a healthy relationship. Unnecessary arguments often lead to a mood of sulk and make problem in your relationship at times
  18. Encourage them to talk to their partners openly and avoid unnecessary secrecy from each other. This only makes a relationship weak and unhealthy after a certain period
  19. Tell them to keep relationships at the top priority otherwise, things will breakdown soon. If you don’t take your relationship seriously, it won’t give you the happiness you deserve from it
  20. And stop having control freak attitude for a healthy everlasting relationship. If you start putting boundaries on your partner or controlling their moves, things will turn ugly soon and you won’t be able to carry the relationship long with them for sure.

What Are The Best Relationship Advice You Can Take?


Like a perfect relationship advice giver, there are some rules for the taker as well. If you want to take helpful advice t make your relationship stronger, you must know what actual good relationship-advice is, right? So, here we go with some of the clear tips on what is best relationship advice you can in this regard-

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  • Learn to take things in your relationship easy and stop complicating things unnecessarily
  • Learn to give your 100% to a relationship to build it strong and make it your priority or one of your priorities first
  • Remember that you are the architect of your happiness, so start avoiding less and enjoying more with your partner
  • Stop putting restrictions on others; this will make you a control freak and a reason for a weak relationship. learn how to give space yet stay connected
  • How your effort to your partner or near ones on how you feel about the relationship and how you want to keep it in life
  • Find the reason which makes you together and keep that reason stronger with time
  • Have realistic expectation from your partner and stop living on the imaginary theory, after all, life is not a fairytale
  • Communicate often and learn to talk about things openly out of your heart, this will make your relationship stronger day by day
  • Have mutual respect for each other and stop humiliating your partner at public or even at a private moment
  • Start loving yourself too along with loving your partner, as a healthy relationship only made based on two healthy individuals
  • Fight but stop being ugly in fights and take it to the funny level instead of a serious or complicated stage
  • Learn to forgive your partner is one of the best advice you should follow. You won’t get a healthy relationship unless you learn how to let go things
  • And get help from others confidently when it is needed to continue your relationship uninterruptedly.

What The Basic Things You Should Have in A Healthy Relationship?

Besides following these rules, you must know what some basic relationship things are. Once you start recognizing them, things will turn easier for you to carry a healthy and unproblematic relationship. Some of the most important things in this regard are-


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  • trust
  • honesty
  • communication
  • mutual respect
  • loyalty
  • compromise
  • self-awareness
  • happiness
  • independence
  • and equality

Once you learned to focus on these points appropriately, you will be a pro in holding a healthy relationship. No matter you are looking for help to keep a love relationship or a relationship with your loved ones like parents, grandparents, friends, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, brother-in-low, sister-in-low, etc. you need to maintain the center of attention on these above-mentioned things to maintain a strong relationship.