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Best meditation books of all time

by Sakshi Patkar
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There have been so many spiritual masters all over the world and few of them have written one of the best books on meditation and mindfulness spirituality. 

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If your are some one who is new to meditation or even have some what experience in mediation then we are going to present you some of the best books ever written in history of humanity on meditation and mindfulness.

Top 10 books on meditation and mindfulness

1) The secret 

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Author : Rhonda byre

Probably one of the best of all time, a book written by rhonda byrne was awarded the best selling 2006 self help book. The book is based on the law of attraction which predicts that thoughts can change the persons life. Based on the movie “the secret” 

The book is much into mindfulness and how a person can change its life. 

The book has already been sold 30 million copies all over the world and in 100 different languages and has been rated by many bog celebrities as the best book of all time.

The book state how person attracts similar things what he or she keeps thinking, no matter whether it is negative or positive you attracts what you think for prolong period. And the main purpose of the book is to make people realise power of their thoughts and how they can change them with meditation and mindfulness.

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2) Power of your subconscious mind

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Author :Joseph Murphy

All the principles of law of attraction are based on subconscious mind power actually these are interrelated. Written by joseph murphy back in 1963 but its principle are still applicable. 

In this book the author has tried to explain people it basically human brain consists of two parts conscious mind subconscious mind. , what we see in front of us and how we react to it is is done by our conscious mind but our all internal functions like our heartbeat, blood pressure and thoughts are controlled by our subconscious brain. 

Everytime We think about something  and we continuously think it for a prolonged period  it gets manifested  into subconscious brain which starts reflecting in upcoming future so we have to have a good control  over conscious thought so that when they are manifested into subconscious brain they come out with positivity and blessings.

3) think and grow rich

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Author : Napoleon hill

Well the title says it all, the book has mainly focused on how a person can make more money by using the power of subconscious mind and desires. Written by Napoleon hill back in 1937 but its principle are still applicable.

Think and grow rich has some practical teachings for people to bring out great results. Napoleon hill has almost meet most of the successful people and he explain in details what exactly successful people do to become rich.

4) Autobiography of yogi

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Author : Paramhansa yogananda

If you have ever heard yoga and meditation then india is the first thing that comes in mind and why not a country where all these practices originated 5000 years ago. And one of the greatest spiritual masters ever born on this earth is paramhansa yogananda.

Yogananda wrote his biography to send a message to world about spirituality and mindfulness. A powerful book which explains in detail about each life changing moments in yogananda life and is a must read book for every single human on this planet.

5) Meditation made easy

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Author: Lorin Roche

people looking for a simple, practical read with a sense of humour and mindfulness then this book is for them.

Lorin Roche provides an powerful accessible and user-friendly guide to meditation, showing how meditation can be both easy and pleasurable.

Lorin highlights three very easy meditation techniques for beginners, along with topics such as common meditation myths in world, how to fill small meditations into spare moments of the day, how to overcome obstacles and customize meditation according to your needs, and most important of all – how to use meditation as a tool to explore your inner passions and explore your life.

6) miracle of mindfulness

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Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

people who are looking to slow down and want a straightforward introduction to mindfulness then this book is just perfect for them

 Hanh provides a notes on introduction to mindfulness and simple meditation techniques. He detailed his points with anecdotes throughout the book, along with 32 practical lessons and exercise to complete.

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For people who wants them in to the present moment and get a hold on their anxiety, this book is a must read for them. Hanh will show you how to make complete tasks such as washing dishes, paying the bills or cooking a meal by incredibly rewarding.

the miracle of mindfulness book and  Making space, is more specific to meditation and an wonderful book to read with this introduction to mindfulness. It outlines simple, practical guidance on simplifying the home practices, including some creative suggestions rather than just sitting.

7) Wherever you go, there you are

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Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn

People who are looking for a light, modern approach without any spiritual or Buddhist terms than this book is for them.

This book was originally written back in the 1990s for people  who are  resistant to traditional programs or following a strict structure, Jon Kabat-Zinn provides a straightforward guide for audience who are simply curious about mindfulness living.

If you’re looking for a lengthy, detailed or step by step instruction manual, this this book is not for you and actually This book is a quick read, and it’s free-flowing nature reflects the author’s desire to provide readers with the freedom to practice mindfulness how it is suitable for them.

8) Thoughts are not the enemy

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Author: Jason Siff

People who meditate and are struggling on quieting their mind, looking for a refreshing approach then this book is perfect for them.

Jason Siff provides an different introduction to mindfulness meditation; he asks us to change our beliefs on thoughts and not view them as enemy or unnecessary.

Instead of ‘letting go’ of thoughts as they arise, jason Siff guide us to allow the thoughts to arise, be mindful of them and observe their patterns. It is this process that we end up learning more about ourselves jason teaches in this book.

9) Meditation in action

Author: Chogyam Trungpa

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People who are looking inspiration and to make deeper and more enriching lives then this book is for them.

A Tibetan master, Trungpa teaches people on wisdom and how the benefits of meditation can be connected  through other associated activities that he calls like discipline and energy resumption.

Basically this is a simple, reachable read on how to take the benefits of meditation outside the meditation room, and how a person can cultivate a meaningful and purposeful life.


10)  10% Happier

Author: Dan Harris

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people who love reading autobiographies and life stories of spiritual people than this book is perfect for them.

10% happier was A award-winning journalist book in 2004. Dan Harris faced a panic heart attack during a live broadcast of Good Morning in America. This book takes us into his personal life journey of learning how to tame the voice in his head, along with discovering the facts about mindfulness and meditation along the way.

If you’re a person who is not convinced for the benefits of meditation or mindfulness then this is the book for you. Don’t expect strict rules and structures and guides, but rather an introduction to the world of mindfulness meditation through an entertaining, first-person narrative.