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Best Asanas for Belly Fat and Waist

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • Reasons for having belly fat
  • Bad sides of having belly fat
  • Yoga for belly fat
  • Best asanas for belly fat
  • Best asanas for the attractive waistline

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Having a flabby body is not desiring for anyone, but which seems more ugly is carrying a floppy tummy or an unshaped waistline. Humans, especially girls are extremely specific about getting a well-toned waist or a flat tummy. However, their hectic life schedule sometimes doesn’t allow them to get their desiring body shape deservingly.

Meditation Asanas

Managing long gym time becomes difficult for some of us, and thus we unwillingly left with the option of a fatty torso. However, yoga is the only method that helps us as a boon in this crisis. So, today let’s find out the best asanas in this regards which exceptionally skilled reducing belly fat and providing the perfect waist to our body in this discussion below-

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Reasons for Having Belly Fat:

The reason for having stored fats around your tummy could be countless, but to get rid of the most efficiently, you must find the exact reason behind your belly fat first. To do so, you must know the possible causes of having belly fat and they are as follows-

  • bad food habits
  • irregular eating orders
  • consumption of alcohol excessively
  • living life with no exercise or lack of exercise schedule
  • having extra mental stress
  • having insufficient sleep
  • you have belly fat in your genetic
  • and sometimes having an uncontrollable smoking habit

Bad Sides of Having Belly Fat:

If you think that belly fats only ruin our looks then you must check the list of health issues you can have due to a flabby tummy! Some extra bulges around your tummy bring you ample of serious health diseases like-

  • heart diseases
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • problematic intestinal issue
  • digestive problem
  • IBS
  • asthma
  • type 2 diabetes
  • breast cancer
  • colon cancer
  • dementia
  • Alzheimer

So, next time you think that a loose dress could mend your extra belly or floppy tummy smartly; consider this list once, and you will never look your fat belly in the same way for sure!  


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Yoga for Belly Fat:

Yoga has shown its amazing usability in making our body fit and reducing fats from all body parts. Its wonderful creativity also witnessed in the process of belly fats. It is proven several times that practicing yoga; especially some asanas help you in reducing belly fat expertly.

These asanas aid you in developing muscle tone and increase your metabolic rate exceptionally. It is claimed that restorative yoga is more effective in reducing belly fat, particularly in women. However, some belly-based asanas also extremely helpful in this way of curing abdominal fat of your body like that specific yoga category. All you need to do is just try to practice those asanas consistently without any irregularity and you will say goodbye to those stubborn belly fat soon.

Best Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat:

Following a proper diet plan, having enough sleep, getting rid of bad habits, and avoiding unhealthy foods are the most effective methods to reduce belly fat as we all know. One more thing we need to add in this list to get rid of belly fat and that is exercise. Yoga is the most efficient exercise method in this regard, so let’s find out which yoga asanas are more effective in this attempt-

  1. Tadasana or Mountain pose
  2. Naukasana or Boat pose
  3. Pavanamuktasana or Wind relieving pose
  4. Ustrasana or Camel pose
  5. and Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

Tadasana or Mountain Pose:

To practice this asana, you need to follow these steps-

  • stand on your feet flat and spread out  the heel portion a bit keeping your knees straight
  • spread your hands front by keeping the palms closer with each other and inhale deeply by stretching your spin
  • now raise your hand folded up above your head and stretch them as much as you can
  • gradually lift your ankle and try to stand on your toe while stretching the hands
  • look at the ceiling during this whole process including breathing in and out deeply
  • hold this posture for 20-30 seconds, get back to normal slowly and repeat this for 10 times in the whole session                                                                                                                                  

Naukasana or Boat Pose:

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To do this pose, follow these steps-

  • lie on your back first and keep your body relaxed by stretching out legs, and facing palms as well as toes the ceiling
  • then deeply exhale after inhaling and lift your body including your chest head and legs slowly from the floor
  • stretch your arms in the form of a parallel line with your lifted legs and keep the fingers towards the toes
  • hold this posture for 30 to 60 seconds and keep your breathing process normal during this time
  • then, slowly get back to the normal position, relax for 15-20 second ad repeat this process again for at least five times a day

Pavanamuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose:

To do this posture you need to follow these steps-

  • lie on your back straight by keeping the arms on both sides of your body and feet stretched out
  • try to let your heels touch each other this time and now bend your knees
  • then exhale deeply and during this time, bring your bent knee closer to your chest
  • wrap your knees with your arms, inhale and then lift your head by allowing your chin touching your knees while exhaling again
  • hole this posture more than 1 minute or as long as you can and then, relax after getting back to the normal position gradually
  • take 2 short intervals of 15 seconds to practice the posture again and keep repeating this process for 7-10 times in one attempt

Ustrasana or Camel Pose:

To try this pose, you need to follow these steps-

The Uttanasana
  • sit as kneel and keep the heel on the ground with a perpendicular line
  • now lift your whole body slowly from your knees and now make it looks like you are sitting your entire body weight with the support of your knees only
  • arch back and bring your hands behind your body to touch the ankles one by one with your palms
  • exhale deeply during this process, lean our head behind stretch back until you feel a stretch in your abdomen
  • hold this posture for 20 to 30 seconds and try to breathe normally despite the stretch
  • slowly get back to the normal position with exhale, wait for 15 seconds and repeat for at least 5 times one time   

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose:To do the post-

  • lie down on your stomach first, keep your legs straight, apart from each other and toes touching the ground
  • keep hands both sides of your body by keeping the palms facing upward and slowly bring them beneath your shoulder
  • then inhale and lift your chest along with your head slowly from the floor on  the strength of your hands by keeping the palms onto the floor
  • stare at the ceiling, push your pubis towards the belly button, and try to keep the buttstock firm during this posture
  • hold this pose for 30 seconds or more, then get back to the normal lying position slowly
  • keep breathing normally, get rest for 15 seconds and try this pose again 10 times repeatedly for the best result

Before attempting these highly effective and beneficial asanas, you must know the cautions of each posture and the consequences to get the foremost outcome of your practice.

Best Asanas for Attractive Waist Line:

Getting a well-toned and the smaller waistline is a dream for any girl and some yoga asana could play an immensely positive role in this attempt. The list of such effective asanas is quite long but if you are looking for the most effective ones then, your try these below-mentioned top 4 asanas in this regard. The best quality of these asanas is they could reduce all the stored fats from your waist and in the shortest span of the time. Let’s find out which these asanas are-

  • Uttanpadasana
  • Locust pose
  • Vinyasa pose
  • and the sun salutation


It is an easy asana which is also known as a raised foot pose. In this pose, you need to simply need to lift your legs on the base of your waist and torso. Hold this posture for at least 60 seconds for the best result of your labor.

Locust Pose:

This is one of the most effective yoga poses which helps not only having a fine waist but also in reducing stored fats from your waist as well as the entire body smoothly. In this pose, you need to list your head, chest, and legs on the base of your belly and thighs with a bearable stretch around your waist and abdomen.

Vinyasa Pose:

This is a combined pose with asanas and breathing exercises including some relaxing postures. It is also known as flow yoga and resembles a dance form while performing with proper music. Try to focus on the breathing points properly to get the best outcome of Vinyasa pose.

Sun Salutation:


It is a combined pose with six fine yoga postures. In this pose, you need to go one movement to another with the perfect breathing orders. People usually practice this sun salutation pose as a warm-up yoga but this combined asana has brilliantly optimistic effects on beautifying waistline from the beginning.