by Sakshi Patkar
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Mindfulness is the process of bringing the person to focus on the present without any judgment. Which is developed through the regular practice of mindfulness meditation.

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In this article, we are going to present you top 10 benefits of mindfulness meditation and the best way to do it.


1) better sleep


Mindfulness meditation greatest benefits are improved sleep quality. A lot of people in today world are suffering from sleep deficiency or insomnia, which is causing some serious health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and much more. 

Just because sleep deficit disturbs the hormonal cycle of the body so they respond in various ways like gut digestion problem, decreased memory power which ultimately results in a not being in the present and can’t focus on work.

While following regular mindfulness meditation will help the person to reduce stress and improve sleep quality which results in overcoming from above problems.

2) increased the weight loss process 


If you are someone who is looking to cut down the weight and following workouts and diet but still not getting the results then the problem might be in your recovery, presence of mind during exercise or poor sleep. All these factors are related to overthinking and stress on the mind and this the place where mindfulness meditation helps a lot it improves your recovery process and presence of mind in your workouts and ultimately boosting the process of weight loss.

3) decreases loneliness

If you are someone who lives alone or far from home or getting old and missing the company of your old loved ones then mindfulness meditation is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

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Beside some of greatest health benefits mindfulness meditation has also some of great impact on how you feel. Your feeling of loneliness is because you do not know about yourself or you don’t like your company and mindfulness meditation teaches you how to become your own best friend and this way finishes the feeling of loneliness.

4) reduce stress 


Working day and night, coming back from office tired, and taking too much of overthinking over a prolonged period of time becomes stress and this can lead to some of serious health problems. Don’t worry you can counter all these by following proper mindfulness meditation.

5) improves focus 

The major problem with most of the students or office goers is they are tend to loose focus quickly from their work which results in not getting the results from work. Mindfulness meditation has proved to be very effective way of improving focus and attention. 

Mindfulness meditation teaches a person to focus on breath which results in improved focus and attention when a person do other works.

6) Removes negative energy

If you are surrounded with people who radiates so much of negative energy then chances are you might also be radiating negative energy, which is a bad sign for your future happening with you just because you are thinking negative then you will also be attracting negative things. 

Mindfulness meditation teaches you how to replace those negative energies from positive ones and negative thoughts from positive ones which results in more positivity in your mind and life and better things starts happening to you.

7) reduces physical pain

If you are suffering from any old physical injury or pain due to any major or minor accident then chances are that feel of that pain has fitted with time in your mind and to counter these type of pains yoh will have to send messages continuously to your subconscious brain and mindfulness meditation helps you to do this.

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8) pull you out of depression


Depression is nothing but a combination of prolonged stress and overthinking and when this become serious it is really important for a person to find a relief and mindfulness meditation can be a great thing  for a person going through depression.

 What people are advised by the doctor to all deal with this are medicine and other forms of drugs but they did not work just because depression is not a physical problem. depression is a mental disease which affects both physical and mental health and the best way to cure this is by meditation. And one of best meditation technique is mindfulness meditation which will be very helpful for a person going through depression.

9) Increases SELF ESTEEM 

What it requires to become a great person or a successful person is the desire or passion to do so, and what it requires is enough self esteem to work for our dreams. Mindfulness meditation increases self esteem by balancing your life with physical and mental health. This helps you to develop aura and chakra power which increases your inner drive and overall self esteem.



Understanding people and each other whether it is a family member, friend, life partner or any stranger is tough work for most of the people in this world and why not ego is one of the biggest dominating emotion in a human being. 

However, there are some of the greatest people born who are master in handling people around them or keeping and improving their relationship. These people have that born quality but not everyone, most of the people master relationship with some great control on them like on their ego, anger and what they speak.

 Mindfulness meditation is one of the examples of that tool that can help people to get control over themselves and ultimately improve their relationships with people around them.


•While doing mindfulness form of meditation all you need to do is sit in a silent place and over a mat so the energy remains in your body and does not pass in to the earth

•then while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while other three fingers opened and Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards.

•keep your back bone straight so the energy in your body flow easily.

• now try to focus on your breath, you might get divert between meditation but try to bring back your focus.

•Try to practice mindfulness meditation  early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day and also sound of outer world are much less so it is quite easy for you to focus. 


Whether you meditate or not just remember at one point of your life you will be in real need of it and then just try to be relax and follow these practices daily and you will see some great results.