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ANXIETY : How To treat It and how to meditate in anxiety

by Sakshi Patkar

If you are someone who faces lot of anxiety let me clear you one point. Anxiety can be in a different form and due to different reasons, anxiety is a natural response to stress in your body it is a fear in mind that what’s going to happen next. It may be first day of your office, school, college or giving your first speech. But apart from all these orders if you are someone who is facing anxiety for a prolong periods than chances are you have some anxiety disorders.

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It is very common to feel anxious on moving to new place, starting a new job this type of anxiety is very normal and is actually a motivation for you to work harder and smarter. But if it feeling of fear that is with you every time of the day. Then definitely this is not normal and this type anxiety stops you from doing the things you enjoy.


Anxiety can be in different forms depending on the person. Feelings can range from butterfly in stomach or racing your heart beat. There is a disconnection between body and mind.Sometimes people may experience rapid breathing and also difficulty falling asleep.


Well there are n number of ways to treat it which may treat both anxiety and stress and some of them are.
1) sleeping enough 2) doing workouts 3) eating healthy 4) avoid alcohol 5) try quitting smoking 6) limit caffeine intake
All the above given factors are one of the major cause of your anxiety and working on them will definitely help to counter anxiety. Apart from all these here comes one of the best way to treat anxiety is by meditation. No matter what you do meditation can be the greatest cure for your anxiety and now look at how you can do meditation during you anxiety or best meditation for you in your anxiety.


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Meditations in anxiety 

Anxiety is a state of mind when we are unable to regulate our emotions. But research has also shown that consistent meditation can help us to regulate our emotions.

Calm anxiety :

1) put your attention in the present moment :

People nowadays are living lot more in visual world than in real world just because they have a lot more work to do and less time for it. All you have to remember is keep your focus in present moment by bringing up the light on people you are talking with or by observing the things or nature around you.

2) focusing on your body :

One of the best way to calm your anxiety is by bringing your focus on your body. Yes start observing everything your hands, skin and most importantly your breath this is one the best way to be in present and calm your anxiety. Remember focusing on your body patterns doesn’t mean you become conscious about your looks you just need to focus on your body patterns.

Mindfulness meditation 

Mindfulness meditation can also be proved as a great way of mediating in your anxiety. And now look at how you can do it.


When doing mindfulness form of meditation all you need to do is sit in a quite place and over a mattress so the energy remains in your body and cannot pass in to the earth •Next while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while other three fingers of hands opened and Make sure your elbows are straight and palm facing upwards.

•keep your back straight so the energy in your body can flow easily.

• Now slowly try to focus on your breath, every second of your meditation should be focused on your own breath and nothing else and you might get divert between meditation but try to bring back your focus.

•practice mindfulness meditation  early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day and also sounds of your environment are much less so it is quite easy for you to focus. 

Loving kindness meditation

One of the best way to practice gratitude and can help you a lot in treating anxiety where you feel social, peer pressures or any kind of jealousy or hate in your heart. Loving kindness mediation is getting very popular in west and let me explain you how you can do it.


Perform some few exercises you know just like warm up for 8 minutes so the blood in your body starts circulating and your start focusing in present moment properly.

2• visualise THE GOD 

No matter which religion you are from just try to visualise the god you worship and then give thanks and bless the earth for holding you up for so many years. Press with fingers on your heart area for few seconds to activate the crown chakra.



After activating crown chakra starts chanting “om” continuously for few minutes. While chanting try to bless you family, friends and people around you and continue this for around 8 minutes. Om has the every vibration of this universe which will be very helpful for you in self healing and removing anxiety and negativity from your body.

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After chanting om try to relax you body and lower your blood circulation by some stretching and massage. Which will make your body cool down and relax and make you to feel better and refreshed throughout the day.

Conclussion :

If you are someone who has been dealing with anxiety for a prolonged period and has not find any solution then just remember life is great and very long and this is just a very short period that you are facing. I know situation could be very different for you but just believe in god and believe me everything will be OK. Meditations are great way for you to connect you from you yes and then you start connecting yourself from god which is a blessing. Because it not only counter anxiety it start opening the door of wisdom and peace for you ultimately resulting in a life filled with a lot of happiness. Just remember one thing all is well and all will be good when god is with you.