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Busting Myth: Alcohol Does Not Keep The Cold At Bay; Here’s What You Need To Drink

by Shatakshi Gupta

You might have seen it in movies or your friend might have asked you to drink two pegs of whiskey or rum to keep your body hot during the winter. Generally, people think that alcohol can keep their bodies warm. But, this is not the true and whole picture. Well, if this is not the solution, then what is the right way? Today, we will tell you what you should drink to keep your body warmer from the inside. Well, the answer is water. Let’s understand in an exhaustive manner.

Why alcohol is not a prudent solution?

Although alcohol can keep your body warm for a while, it later starts reducing your temperature from inside the body. Moreover, alcohol affects our ability to shiver, which is an indicator that the body is feeling cold and needs to warm up.

The biological mechanism that makes us feel cold occurs when blood flows away from the skin and into the organs, which increases core body temperature. On contrary, alcohol reverses this process and increases the blood flow to the skin lowers the body temperature.

Do not ignore water during winter

People often drink less water during winters due to a misconception that the body needs less water in winters. We think that during winter the water loss in the form of sweat is less, so we do not need much of it. For this reason, the risk of dehydration in winter also increases. Not only this, if we do not drink enough water, the functions of the body start getting hampered.

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What happens, when we stay dehydrated?

When we drink less water, then we start eating more food than required. Because the body is not able to distinguish whether you are thirsty or hungry, due to which weight also starts increasing.

Another important thing to note is that there is less moisture in the air during winters and during this time we wear more clothes, due to which the body feels extra load and due to this, we feel more lethargic. Besides, there are many other problems like dry skin and chapped lips that can be caused due to a lack of hydration.

How does the water keep our bodies warm?

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your body warm in the winter season. When we drink less water in winter, due to this the body temperature starts decreasing, due to which the problem of hypothermia also starts. This is a condition in which the body loses heat faster than it produces heat.

 When you drink enough water, the flow of blood remains healthy. Whereas, the lack of water slows down the blood flow. Lower blood pressure causes the fall in body temperature and you may face the problem of hypothermia.

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