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A Meditation Before Kaddish

by Madhushree Ghosh
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What is This Kaddish?

A Kaddish is a process of Jewish prayer, which performed during the death-mourning of close relatives. In Jewish culture, there is a tradition of meditating before this procedure Kaddish to make the mourning process more serene from a mourner. After watching the intense effect of meditation on this exceptional mourning method, it became a ritual of meditating prior to this delicate course.

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What is Meditation before Kaddish?

From Jewish temples to graveyards, this meditation method is considered a holy activity in their culture. To include an extra charm on this process, a rhythmic addendum added in the name of ‘Meditation Before Kaddish’ for the mourners and by some creative mourners as well. Let’s explore some more significant information about this Jewish sonnet or Kaddish Yatom-

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The Explanation of this Mourner’s Kaddish Rhyme ‘Meditation Before Kaddish’:


1.This type of well-written rhythmic consoling passages help you to make your mind more determined for the kaddish recite

2. It is in the version of a person, who is dead, that’s why it starts with ‘When I die…’ phrase. This will make you more realistic about the undeniable truth of life ‘death’

3. The whole document will tell you that there is no reason for mourning a person, who is already gone, try to focus on those people, who are still beside you

4. Despite being an official written file of mourning, this sonnet will guide you to be strong and stop crying for an inevitable incident of life.

5. The main usability of this Kaddish Yatom is to generalize the special person with a common human being, who is just walking beside you. The end of the first paragraph indicates this theory more deeply.

6. At the beginning of the second paragraph, a dead person advises a mourner to stay strong while they need to say goodbye to their loved ones.

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7. Later in this paragraph, that dead person also indicating that the body is not that thing one should look out for their loved ones. It is the word of their dear ones and the memory, which a mourner should memorize.

8. Finally, in the last paragraph, you can find that the dead person is advising to let the body go, but hold the love for the rest of their lives, because “love doesn’t die, people do.”