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5 Best Benefits of Doing Yoga

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • Yoga for Our Health
  • 5 Best Physical Benefits of Doing Yoga
  • Promotes Weight Reduction
  • Increases Strength & Flexibility
  • Improves Respiratory Function
  • Enhances Cardiac Health
  • Escalates Immunity
  • 5 Best Mental Benefits of Doing Yoga
  • Reduces Stress Level
  • Increases mental Stability
  • Improves Concentration Power
  • Induces Sleep
  • Relieves Anxiety

Yoga is a small word and a single category yet it incorporates verities of exercises and fitness methods in a huge small arena. The popularity of this Indian ancient fitness process has been increasing itself decades after decades. If you look at the advantage list closely you will find that the esteem is completely advisable for yoga. Though the list of benefits is filled with myriad good effects on our health, here we pick only the best 5 among them. Let’s find out which are the best benefits we can steal from regular yoga practice for our health-   

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Yoga for Our Health:

Before jumping to the benefits list you must know what yoga do to our health. Well, if you validate from the scientific view, you will find several effects on health but the general view demonstrates us the actual goodness of yoga to our health. Health advantages which are getting from regular yoga can be grabbed by different meadows like medicine, home remedies, etc. But what we can’t get from other categories is the awareness of health.

Yoga makes us more aware of our health and motivates us innately how to keep ourselves fit without any medicated support. This health awareness is important to keep us consistent towards our fitness goal. So, in short, yoga not only helps us in combating plenty of health issues internally and externally but also keeps us aggravated to the practice session uninterruptedly.

The Supta Baddha Konasana

5 Best Physical Benefits of Doing Yoga:

The best part of having physical benefits from yoga is that you can witness them clearly in your body and health. The main category is overflowing with plenty of poses and postures, which can bring you unbelievable physical benefits while practicing regularly. From beginners to experts, everyone can find their suitable asanas from this category effortlessly. If you compare other physical training or fitness methods with yoga, you will find that yoga is exceptionally good at the physical enhancement of humans. There are more than 30 advantages you can get from the regular yoga practice; we are picking the best 5 benefits here among them-

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Promotes Weight Reduction:

The best and foremost advantage we can grab from yoga is a well-toned body. It is scientifically proven that regular yoga practice can promote your weight reduction process brilliantly like nothing else. If you ever wonder how wonderfully yoga works for the reduction of our body fats the heck out the below list-

  • yoga works for the more stretching and relaxation of our muscles
  • regular yoga practice boosts the normal metabolic rate of our body
  • encourages body tissues with the contraction of muscles
  • increases body energy level and motivates you to do more asanas willingly
  • works for toning muscles, which not only burn the stored fats but also prevent from piling them up again
  • burn fatty cells from your abdomen area and tone belly muscles tightly
  • and keep you determined towards your goal of weight loss properly

It is claimed that you can lose upto 4- 5 pounds a month while practicing some yoga asanas regularly. All you need to do is that pick the best poses for your session and focus on the postures more attentively. Plank pose, warrior pose, triangle pose, cobra pose, sun salutation, etc. are some most recommended poses for a fast weight loss process.

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Increases Strength & Flexibility:

Another brilliant benefit we can get from yoga is an increased strength quality in our body with unbeatable flexibility. It has been observed that when we practice some yoga poses regularly they escalate the range of motion of your body and stretch your muscle deeply. With the help of some yoga postures, we allow our joints to move deeper into the asanas and let them stretch the muscles to the extreme level.

yoga 4 you

According to the yoga gurus, the most applauding part of yoga is that though it increases our body-flexibility brilliantly, you don’t need to be flexible to start yoga! Whether you are flexible or not, you can be a yoga practitioner any time you want. So, yoga can improve your stretching and flexible quality but they are not the prerequisite to be yogic.

Usually, you can improve your strength by several weight lifting exercises, but yoga is the best method to get it for the most extended period. Some cardio like climbing, cycling, dancing, walking, etc. or workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. are few more effective processes to increase your strength and body-flexibility apart from weight lifting. But yoga asanas are quite less-laborious comparing these exercises. The standing forward fold, warrior I pose, cat-cow pose, cobra pose, bridge pose, chair pose, downward-facing pose, etc. are some recommendable pose you should try in this regard.

Improves Respiratory Function:

Pranayam or breathing exercise is a noted section of yoga and this exercise part works for the betterment of the respiratory system efficiently. This breathing exercise category teaches us how to inhale and exhale properly with a deep breath. It is clinically proven that Pranayam can escalate the oxygen intake in a person up to five times a day! Not only that but a new study on yoga also claimed that regular practice of breathing yoga could increase your lung capacity along with improving respiratory function.

While we inhale and exhale more intensely the respiratory tract improves itself in the way of increased breathing capacity. The exercises escalate chest all expansion and force expiratory lung volume effectively. They also work for the detoxification of our lungs and cleanse the whole respiratory tract to increase its capacity for a more extended period. Not only this, but yoga also helps in treating lung-related diseases like asthma influenza, COPD, tuberculosis, etc. expertly.

Some yoga asanas besides Pranayam, which are expert in enhancing your lung capacity, are as follows-

  • cow pose
  • big toe pose
  • extended puppy pose
  • easy pose
  • and extended hand to big toe pose, etc.

Enhances Cardiac Health:

It has been seen that regular yoga practice improves our heart health too in a wonderful way. Several health-disorders which initiate heart problems like high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, etc. are treated well with yoga practice. When you have lower blood pressure and well-supplied blood to the vessels then, you will have a lower risk of heart diseases for sure.


yoga also supplies tissue with essential nutrients to the vessels in the way of pumping blood. Thus it is claimed that yoga is a certified method that reduces many risk factors from our heart along with enhancing heart’s health. Consistent yoga practice also keeps your heart pumping tough, which initially fortify the heart health amazingly.

On the other hand, while yoga helps to reduce weight, it also diminishes the possibility of bad heart condition, which may occur due to the fatty strings to your heart. The bridge pose, cobra pose, forward bend pose, mountain pose, the sun salutation, etc. are some effective yoga poses you should for enhancing heart health. If you already have heart problems try to start with Pranayam with the step of anulop-belop first, before trying any harsh asanas in this attempt.

Escalates Immunity:

While yoga fights ample health disorders expertly it automatically works for a better immunity system in your body. In the way of lowering our mental issues, controlling stress hormone emission, detoxifying lung, solving heart issues, etc. yoga brilliantly fortifies our entire immune system. The path of improving our immune system is quite long, like following good eating orders, getting enough sleep, avoiding unhealthy habits, staying hydrated, etc. However, you can get the benefits of a strong immune system only from one category and that is practicing yoga regularly!

regular yoga practice also teaches how to stimulate the lymphatic system of our body and bring oxygenated blood to the various organs. These processes compel organs for their optimal functioning and a well-organized organ-based body always acts with a more fortified immune system from every aspect.

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Pranayama, half lord of the fishes, supported fish pose, forward fold, legs up the wall, child pose, bridge pose, etc. are some effective poses you should try in this regard to escalating your immune power naturally.

5 Best Mental Benefits of Doing Yoga:

Mental benefits of yoga may not visible as physical benefits but that doesn’t mean they are less in priority than physical benefit from any aspects. the most efficient 5 benefits we can grab from daily yoga practice are-

Reduces Stress Level:

The best benefit of practicing yoga is to get relief from a stressful mind. Stress is a mother of many serious health disorders and the worst part is that there no medicated ways to get rid of stress from anyhow. In such a crisis, yoga works an amazing way of reducing stress levels from your mind and preventing any stress mentality in your mind. Yoga expertly works in controlling the emission of the stress hormone cortisol in our body and that’s how it acts so expertly in reducing stress. Lotus pose, corpse pose, standing forward bend pose, etc. are best poses to try in this attempt.


Increases Mental Stability:

One more appreciable quality of practicing yoga is that it enhances our mental stability wonderfully. Apart from relieving stress, yoga is also known for increasing our mental stability efficiently. Practicing yoga helps us for increasing body awareness and decreasing strains as well as any type of inflammation from our body. It also works for a better nervous system and that’s how yoga aids for improving mental stability in our mind perfectly. Child pose, standing forward bend, easy pose, etc. are some beneficial poses in this regard.

Improves Concentration Power:

Yoga practice makes our mind calm and composed, which helps to enhance our focusing power optimally. When we feel calm and quite from inside, it helps to sharpen the attention power of our mind. Consequently, we become more attentive and focused on any subject and this is how a regular yoga session can improve our concentration power effectively. Bridge pose, corpse pose, camel pose, bee breathing, etc. are some effective pose for this benefit.

Induces Sleep:

Calm and stress-free mind means more uninterrupted rest session for us. Thus it has been observed people, who practice yoga regularly can sleep more peacefully than others. Sleep is an important part of our life and insufficient sleep can initiate many serious health problems to our body. Fortunately, yoga is a single category that can induce your sleep expertly like any medicated pills but without their side effects. Standing half-forward bend, legs up the wall pose, reclining bound angle pose, chair pose, corpse pose, etc. are efficient poses in this attempt.

Relieves Anxiety:

Anxiety may not seem as much serious as other physical health issues but it can bring plenty of serious mental issues in your mind overtimes. But, when regular yoga practice works for reducing stress from our mind it also gives us an effective and extended relief session from anxiety in this way. butterfly pose, half-moon pose, child pose, etc. are some recommending poses in this regard.