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Control Diabetes By Including Sprouted Fenugreek Fry In Your Diet

by Jamuna Rawat
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Diabetes is a chronic disease which occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin, a hormone that is essential to balance the glucose level in blood. The consumption of food causes the blood glucose level high and the body cannot control this situation because of lack of insulin. Unfortunately, in India, more than 50 million people (almost half of the total population) are suffering from the disease.

Sprouted fenugreek is a wonderful grain which controls blood sugar level. Fenugreek consists of amino acids that stimulate insulin production. Fenugreek seeds are packed with iron, fiber, potassium, protein and vitamin C.

healthy fenugreek

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Cuisine Type: Indian

Ingredients (For 2 people)

Fenugreek seeds: 1o0 g

Green gram: 50 g

Grated coconut: 1 cup

Turmeric: ¼ tsp

Chilli powder: 1 tsp

Salt: ½ tsp

Oil: 2 tsp

Mustard seed: ¼ tsp

Brindle berry/Malabar tamarind (kudampuli): 1 small piece (optional)


How to sprout?

  •         Wash and soak the fenugreek and green gram separately overnight.
  •         Next day, drain the water and make loose bundles of the grains using pieces of clean clothes.
  •         Keep the bundles in a warm place for 24 hours.

sprouted fenugreek

Coking procedure:

  • Heat oil in a frying pan.
  •  Splutter the mustard seeds in it.
  • Add sprouted fenugreek and green gram with enough water for the grains to cook.
  • Now mix the coconut with chilli powder, turmeric and salt.
  • When the fenugreek and green gram is partially cooked put the coconut mixture and a small piece of Malabar tamarind. Addition of Malabar tamarind will adjust the bitter taste of fenugreek.
  • Cover it with a lid and cook it in slow flame.

cooking procedure

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Recipe’s benefits:

Sprouted fenugreek:

Fenugreek is a common ingredient in most of the Indian houses because of its medicinal properties and taste. Fenugreek is one of the excellent choices among grains for those who are trying weight loss plan. Researchers have shown that consumption of sprouted fenugreek in the diet reduces the cholesterol level which lowers the risk of cardiac arrest.

sprouted fenugreek

Sprouted green gram:

Sprouted green grams are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, amino acids and antioxidants. This helps to prevent some chronic diseases such as diabetes.

sprouted green gram


Coconut fiber stimulates the production of insulin and controls the level of blood glucose.


Brindle berry/Malabar tamarind:

The local name of Malabar tamarind is kudampuli. It is nothing but a variety of tamarind with a sour taste. Mostly, it is used in dried form. This tamarind has amazing health benefits like good for digestion, reduction of cholesterol, etc.

brindle berry

Chilli powder:

Chilli powder is a key ingredient in building immunity and healing wounds because it contains vitamin C.

chillli powder

Turmeric powder:

The most important compound in turmeric is curcumin which is an antioxidant and a natural anti-inflammatory.

turmeric powder

This sprouted fry is the best combination with chapati, roti or nan. By following a healthy lifestyle, diabetes can be prevented and controlled. So be happy and live healthily.

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