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Wanna Become A Fitness Trainer?? Follow these 8 Steps

by Bharti

If you have achieved your goal and have gained the desired body and want to help others in helping them to achieve their goals, a fitness trainer is a decent career choice. It is a unique career and you will be doing a job you love and sharing your journey and its wisdom with others. Your personal experience and stories of it will motivate others and could inspire those more in achieving their personal body goals.

When you will start this, you are going to face many difficulties and you need to overcome them and have to stay positive till you hit your target. Your target could be anything from a one-four client to a small business firm of your name.

Follow these 8 simple steps/processes to become a personal fitness trainer.

Step 1: Suitable Audience

First of all, you have to find a suitable audience, that is your clients. You need to look for people who are concerned and sincere about their health and body and also are looking for a personal fitness trainer. You can take help from social media and word of mouth and spread the word that you are looking for an audience who are in search of a personal fitness trainer.

Trainer training many people

Once you find the audience, you make them aware of the benefits of a personal trainer and how good you are and about your experience of your weight loss journey and motivate them. You have to let them know that hoe flexible it is and more effective to have a personal fitness trainer. It is not easy at first when you have just begun to find a suitable audience but with some time and effort, you can find the audience and easily grow then after.

Step 2: Sustain the Clients

It is always easy to sustain old clients than try finding a new one, as the old ones are reliable. Understand the needs of your clients and understand that how every single client is different, and you need to employ different techniques in helping them, one technique that works on one, does not mean it will work on all. You need to understand the different needs and have to use different skills on different clients.

Fitness Trainer and single person

Find their weak and strong spots and help them work on them, celebrate their small achievements which will motivate them, and also will make them like you more, and try to build a friendly yet professional relationship with them. Friendly enough to get more clients from your client’s reference and professional enough to not make them uncomfortable. If you sustain an existing client, other new clients will also be affected by it and will also make them stay for a longer period.

Step 3: Get a Certificate

The certificate is not for you, nor your existing clients. But if you get a certificate it will make you more professional and that will help you in getting more clients. As there might be some clients who need a professional trainer with the certificate, so to get one is for your good. Once you decide that being a personal trainer is your fort and you want to keep doing it, get the certificate.


Many organizations provide these types of certificate, you can ask for details from them and get one for yourself. When you get certified do not forget to take liability insurance. This insurance will protect you from your losses and will also cover if you damage other people’s property unintentionally. Some organizations charge more money for such a certificate but understand that it is a one-time investment process and the returns of it will be much higher.4

Step 4: Jobs in the Gym

If you are doing great and still feel like you could achieve more financially and overall. You can continue your work as a personal trainer and also alongside it you can join a gym, not for working out but as an employee and it will help you get more experience and from there to you can build relations and find clients on your own for their in-home training and how you will help them in that and you can earn double income and get experience as well and most importantly you will build networks which are most important in this career.

In the gym, you do not have to find a client, and the client will keep pay and come to the gym by himself/herself, all you need to do is make them convince about your services and how house workout and your training would benefit them.

Step 5: Management Skills

As building a network is the most important thing, your management skills are also going to play important role in your career. If you have good skills then utilize them and if you are not having great management skills then to be a good trainer you need to develop them.

The charges method, your convincing skills, your gestures and nature, soft-spoken skills, confidence in what you are saying, handling competitors and make your client convince why you are best, be an active listener, people management, these all skills you need to develop if you want to get more clients and good reputation and good name and fame and more money of course. No matter what you do, management skills are necessary to build and sustain a professional relation. You must have professional and interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

Step 6: Own Boss


Well, who does not like to be their own boss? If you feel like being your boss and want to quit the job at the gym and still want to earn a decent amount of money. Then you can start your own business. You already have the needed experience and good network and reputation on your name so by investing some amount of money in setting up and then you run a small business by completing all the requirements for your business.

If you feel like you do not want to start a business and you lack in business skills then you can also start your YouTube channel, and post a video on working out and unique exercises and help your online audience and earn money from that platform.

Step 7: Marketing is Must

No matter if you build a small business or big business or have started your YouTube channel. You must know how to keep marketing your services and for that, you can take help from social media and show them how you started from scratch and are continuing to grow.

You can also print out your cards and make them distributed and make sure it hit the target audience and publish your works on websites and blogs and you could also arrange seminars for free, just to attract the clients and when you know you have attracted them from your service, you can take a charge whatever you want and give them the results, they were expecting from you.

Step 8: Be Requisite to Your Clients

Once you give them the results, they were expecting from you and you satisfy them with your working services, at a certain point they will need you in any way and they would know that without you they will not be able to carry out the working exercise, which they would do with you.

You will become their necessity and once you become a necessity, they will be relying on you and will be ready to give you a generous amount of money. It is not just about the money but when you be required to them, your service will be always on demand and you do not have to find a new client and you will save yourself from all the troubles.

To be requisite; you always have to listen to their problems and need to find out what works for them and whatnot, which exercise is easy for them and which is the toughest. Offer them some extra time and extra effort of yours. Give them an assessment of their performance and appreciate them and laugh and cry with them. A good word and good work always travel faster and once your clients advertise your services to others, you do not even need to market them for yourself.

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