Say No To These 4 White Food Taste Additives To Keep Obesity And Diabetes Away

by Shatakshi Gupta

For a healthy body, it is most important to be abstemious and do more physical work. Besides, the important thing is the intake of essential nutrients in the food.  Changing lifestyles, increased consumption of fast food and packaged food in the diet have reduced the amount of nutrients from our food.  These foods contain substances such as sugar, salt, refined flour and Ajinomoto. The aforementioned 4 ingredients are present in processed food at very dangerous levels.

Many pieces of research have suggested that they are not only causing serious morbidities like cancer, type-2 diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, heart attack,but they can also reduce the lifespan by at least ten years. Today, in this article we will take a look at the harmful effects of these 4 daily use items.

Refined flour (Maida):

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During the processing of wheat to make flour, the tissues found in it called endosperm are destroyed.  Similarly, the bran required for digestion is also removed.  In a nutshell, almost all of its nutrients are lost while making refined flour from wheat. In such a situation, it causes serious digestive problems. Moreover, it also causes a sharp and sudden insulin spike. Maida has a high glycaemic index which might develop type-2 diabetes.It also increases bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, which ultimately leads to many heart-related problems and increases the risk of a stroke.Apart from this, it also affects the metabolic rate, slows down the metabolism that makes digestion difficult, and increases appetite. This results in overeating, and eventually lead to obesity.


Refined sugar does not contain any nutrients. As it reaches our digestive tract, it breaks down into glucose and fructose. For those who do not do involve in physical labour,sugar gets stored in the form of fat in their liver. It also has a bad effect on insulin, which increases the risk of diabetes. Besides diabetes, sugar can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Sugar increases insulin levels and high insulin levels cause the muscle cells around each blood vessel to grow faster than normal, which leads to high blood pressure. Moreover,Fructose interacts with leptin hormones in such a way that it tells your brain that you are hungry. A high fructose diet can cause Obesity.

Just 5 teaspoons of sugar per day are enough. After the age of 40, reduce it further.


Ajinomoto is monosodium glutamate. Which is added to Chinese food, soup, etc. It is found naturally in tomatoes, grapes. This means there is no need to take it artificially.

Consuming Ajinomoto may lead to fatigue. Excessive intake of this can also lead to joint and muscle pain. Moreover, it may also lead to a burning sensation in the stomach and other digestive issues like acidity, acid reflux, etc. Ajinomoto certainly causes fluctuations in blood pressure. Prolonged use of Ajinomoto causes Migraines or severe headaches in some people.

White salt:

White salt is the most essential ingredient of our daily food. However, Salt affects the amount of water in the body. If we consume more salt then the extra water stored in the body increases the blood pressure. At the same time, during refining, fluoride is added to it, which causes harm if taken in excess.

Consuming excess salt include causes swollen hands and feet or a swollen face. However, this is a short-term side effect. But, in long term, an increased level of sodium in the bloodstream obstructs the kidneys’ ability to filter water and its removal, which leads to increased blood volume. High blood volume lays stress on the blood vessels. This High blood pressure increases the risk of strokes and congestive heart failure.